Interbike 2011: Premier Image Dump

by Chipps 8

Roll up Premier users, here’s a sneaky peek into what’s going to be showing up in stories over the next day or two.

The idea is that when we get back from the show, we always download and resize photos, then spend hours writing the stories that you see of the following few days. Here you get a sneaky look into some of the unedited, uncaptioned photos before we post them into stories. But, we figure that you’re Premier Subscribers – and therefore should be able to work most of it out without captions. Then you’ll get to see the story in a day or two when we’ve had a minute to write it up. Enjoy this first batch! Chipps

Regular users, don’t worry – you’ll get to see all (or most) of these photos in the next couple of days anyway, it’s just that the Premier lot get to see them now! Depends if you’re an impulsive type I guess. If you’re interested in learning more about Premier, have a look here:

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Comments (8)

  1. I appreciate the pics as opposed to videos as my connection is as slow as the Royal Mail delivering to Mexico.

    Sweet redesigned Motoraptors in 2.1 and 2.3. I hope they come in a softer rubber.
    Gotta love the RF Turbine cranks and I want a Giro Feature really bad. It will cure my blues for my former Semi-MX.

    Oh, and whatever you do, don’t drink Corona. Said by a Mexican.

  2. What happened to Formula’s suspension fork? Did they can it?

    Also, who bought Race Face? I must have missed that one.

  3. What’s in the Speedplay box? SPD compatibles?

  4. Ah – so the yanks have discovered Aperol Spritz!

    3 parts Prosecco
    2 parts Aperol
    Dash of soda
    Slice of fresh Orange


  5. Don’t worry Warpo, I stick to Tecate.
    Formula had its new brakes outdoors, but the forks and wheels will be on display indoors.
    Kelvin, the Speedplay pedal is the new Syzr – not SPD compatible due to the chunky cleat, but looks promising – even for UK mud

  6. Loving the Rock Lobster CX bike, can we see more please?

  7. PS Chipps, Are you staying in the Wynn? I did for my (Yes Mrs Stealf) our wedding, amazing Hotel… oh that breakfast buffet bar at 200meters….. I remember also my brother and I drnak them out of mint for our Mojitos..hope to be back next year..

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