Eurobike 2011: Intense – Carbon and more carbon

by Chipps 6

Last week we brought you news of Intense’s new Hard Eddie carbon hardtail and before that the new carbon Carbine. Well there’s already another new model. Its’ the Carbine SL. Once again it’s a Taiwanese carbon frame that’s then assembled in the States with US-made bits and pieces. The Carbine SL, as you might expect is a lighter version. It comes with a carbon rocker link and a few other weight savings, like 135mm dropouts, rather than bolt-through, and the frame weight drops to 4.75lbs (the regular Carbine is about 5.5lbs. Travel is 4.75in-5.25in, while the regular Carbine is 5.5in-6in.


Here's the regular Carbine in fancy red


And the stripped down SL



A close up of the Carbine SL dropout


Weight savings include this carbon link and full carbon dropouts too


135 QR dropouts


And a fancy head badge

Here’s the Hard Eddie in the flesh. It looks very neat and the tattoo-style graphics are a departure for Intense. Jeff Steiber also told us that he’s working on a full carbon rigid fork to go with the Hard Eddie


Looks great in the flesh




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  1. Sounds like a good idea, if it’s all carbon then it won’t be welded up squint.

  2. That hard eddie looks fantastic. any links to the vital stats?

  3. like northwind was wondering if they are straight, at least with a ht you’ll probably not be able to tell

  4. That cable/hose entry on the last pic looks like it was drilled by one of my most inept technicians who then sanded off the gouge marks with some 60 grit !!!!

  5. Carbines look great, but what’s with that rear mech cable routing?! Looks like an after thought – I’d have a tree branch get stuck and rip that off in that in no time…

  6. Any hints on UK/Europe pricing for the Hard Eddie yet?

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