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Whilst half the office have decamped to Germany to stroke, ogle and photograph all that’s new at Eurobike, a steady stream of equally new and exciting things have landed at the office.

Mini-Boxxers? Kind of. These RockShox Lyriks sport 170mm of uppy-downy movement, an Mission Control DH damper, a tapered steerer and, most importantly, a Boxxer red paintjob. That’s got to be good for knocking a few seconds off a descent.

Collar and cuffs sir? A Truvativ Holzfeller stem in matching red will sit perfectly atop the steerer of the Lyriks.

We’re interested to see how this RockShox Vivid Air shock gets on. The promise of coil-shock feel with air-shock weight and ease of set-up seems almost too good to be true. With CaneCreek getting in on the DH air shock gig and riders like Cedric Gracia running a Vivid Air at Fort William this year there must be something to the concept.

All this RockShox kit is destined for Sim’s new long termer project – if we told you, we’d have to kill you, etc…

Even we struggle working out which front mech works with which chainset and frame configuration these days. Matt has got two SRAM X0 mechs in an attempt to find the right one for his Lapierre. Hopefully one of them will be right!

Got rabies but want a shower? Muc-Off to the rescue! Rather disturbingly it’s the same colour as their bike cleaner, careful what you reach for…

Here’s an example of when a photo can’t do a colour justice. This Giro Feature is just the right fluoro yellow. It manages to avoid looking health and safety and, instead, looks reem and racy according to colour magpie Sim.

The Giro Flack would probably be our choice of helmet should we be fired out of a cannon. The matte metallic finish is quite classy and understated, unlike the Feature.

After the previous helmets the Giro Rift looks a bit, well, normal. Which is probably a good thing actually, and at a penny shy of £50 it seems like a helmet for the people.

Could these be the ultimate hike-a-bike shoe? Sticky soles and the ability to bolt cleats in mean the FiveTen Maltese Falcons attempt to offer the best of both worlds. Anti-disco slippers?

The Spitfire is more what you would expect from FiveTen; a sticky soled shoe for flat pedal users. With hints of Vans Half Cabs, it looks like they are trying to get away from their moon-boot styling of old.

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