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Hello! It’s a slightly scaled down Fresh Goods this Friday, mostly because there’s no one here. Everyone’s off at the Cycle Show at the NEC, or the Trans Provence so there’s just me (Chipps) here manning the office and doing the phone answering and coffee making. Nevertheless, we have a pretty good selection for you to get your techno teeth into…

First up, everyone has an opinion on Nicolai. It’s one of those Marmite brands loved by engineers and less loved by the aesthetes (or sometimes the other way around) – we have an Argon CC hardtail with Rohloff that’s lined up for next issue’s bike test. Excuse the mud, it’s been ridden a fair amount.

Price: £1275 frame only

Gates parts £200 (belt, chainring and sprocket)


That bit at the back is a belt-keeper

This is an older demo bike as the newer 'CenterTrack' belt would probably be supplied.

Next up in Fresh Goods we have a rare ‘summer day’. It’s a product that we’ve not seen very many of since about May, but we’re always keen to see more as we just don’t know where they all go. It’s nice in the Valley today – it’s just a bit of a pity that we’re either stuck in the office, or at the NEC. We hope you get out and enjoy it if you get a chance though.

Fibrax Pro-formance Sealed Cables


Price: £29.95

Here’s a fully sealed derailleur cable kit for your bike. Just in time for wintertime. It features full inner tubes to carry your cable between cable stops, so even if you don’t have full cable runs on your bike, you can get the same benefits. Just in time for the bad weather that’s coming. Prepare now! (We know you won’t actually get round to it ’til December, will you?)


Knog Boomer Wearable

Price: £20.49


Here’s a clever idea from Knog – it’s a super bright rear light that can either clip onto light tabs, or you can remove the back and use the super strong neodymium magnets on the back and the light itself to attach it through your clothes.

Crank Bros Iodine 2 Stem

Price: £59.99


Here’s a dinky stem from Crank Brothers. It features a knee-saving internal wedge for the steerer and a more conventional bolt-on face for the bars.


Geax Saguaro 29in

Price: £30.99 ea


Here’s another tyre for you big-wheel riders. The Saguaro (say something like ‘soo-war-oh’) is a medium-knobbled folding tyre that should be pretty good all year round.

Sock Guy Socks


We love Sock Guy socks here. And every year they come out with a few limited edition socks that are used as giveaways


And here's the new version of the diminutive Lupine Piko. Expect more teeny and bright lights in our helmet light test soon.

Another random Fresh Goods product is ‘2012’. We’ve been hearing about this new product since early February, but we now have confirmation that it exists and we have a sneak preview in the form of the new WallPlanner of Doom. Expect it to fill up dramatically in the next month or two…

And finally (hey, we said it was a quiet week, OK?) we have ‘Clover haircut’. This is Clover the Poodle, a standard poodle, usually seen in the office with Chipps and she’s been to the dog hairdressers…


This'll be 'before'... and now for the 'after'...

Go on... you laughed, didn't you?

We’ll see you all next week with a fuller version of Fresh Goods for your Friday distraction…

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