Intense’s Hard-Eddie 29er Hardtail

by Chipps 8

We’ve just been sent this ‘two minutes before we’re supposed to go home on a Friday’ teaser from Intense… It’ll be unveiling a carbon 29er hardtail at Eurobike, but sent a few teaser photos to keep you salivating until the show starts next week. (Demo Day is Tuesday, main show starts Wednesday and Singletrack will be there to report on it).

A carbon 29er hardtail? They really are cranking them out, eh? Oh, and we predict that there’ll be a few other companies with ‘surprise’ new carbon models showing next week too. Stay tuned for the skinny…


Carbon Goodness!


We're liking the graphics. Quite a departure for Intense...





Who's first to get that as a tattoo?


Can't wait to see this one in the flesh



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  1. Eurobike is going to be a 29er riders wet dream this year. Esp if Ibis show their hand.

  2. Can’t wait that’s on my list for next year.

  3. Lovely but BB30 where the bearings are in direct contact with a carbon frame is a baaaaaaaaaad idea!

  4. Dunno about a tattoo at my age but I’d love that design on a t shirt 😀

  5. I hope they do a 26″ version for us ‘normal’ folk too- It’s gorgeous!
    And an an alloy version also for us non banker types….

  6. I think the Head badge is on the PIHHHSSHH

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