Singletrack Magazine Issue 66 ready for download

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That time has come! The digital issue of the Singletrack Magazine is available for Premier Digital subscribers to download. You can head to the MagArchive and download the Flash page-turning version of Issue 66 HERE or the iDevice compatible PDF file HERE. Both are packed with loads of interactive extras too…

This issue is packed with good things; musings on the joy of spring, an interview with Sam from Singular Cycles by Geoff Waugh, a trio of burly bikes tested in time for the start of the Alpine season. As usual it’s packed with quality photography too, with the Absa Cape Epic shot by Gary ‘Flipper’ Perkin and the bike test shoot was shot by Dan Barham…

singletrack magazine issue 66
The Subscriber Cover - shot by Dan Milner

Without further ado, here’s what’s in it…

9. Editorial

Chipps explains that good riders are so good because they KNOW they’re good.

10. UK Feature: Spring is the new summer

singletrack magazine issue 66
Matt in the Crags - shot by Benji H

Benji sings praises for spring, while sending the other seasons to the naughty corner.

20. Mach Daddy

A look at how you can get your entire town behind the idea of mountain biking.

28. Headspace with Claire McGreevy

What’s stopping you from riding that drop? Claire is here to show your subconscious the way to nail it.

32. Interview: Singular Sam

Geoff Waugh catches up with the charismatic Aussie who’s helping the UK love 29ers.

35. Subscribe to Singletrack

You get it cheaper, earlier and get digital benefits too.

42. Blame the Dog – Mike Ferrentino

A controversial look at wide bars, short stems and slack angles.

44. Column: Geoff Johnson

Don’t faff with the hydration pack and riding gear. Just grab your bike and ride.

46. Bike Test Feature: Winch and Plummet

singletrack magazine issue 66 (4)
Issue 66 Winch'n'plummet bikes - shot by Dan Barham

Giant, Rocky Mountain and Trek all show bikes that make the descent worth the climb.

62. UK Feature: In search of Millican Dalton’s Spirit

singletrack magazine issue 66 (2)
Wild camping in Cumbria

Dave Anderson searches for the spirit and Lakeland home of the original free camper.

76. Singletrack Weekender and Sleepless in the Saddle

Two events that you shouldn’t miss this summer.

78. Through the Grinder

Ten pages of real world product testing on mostly dry trails.

94. Column: Matt Letch

Read this column. But not when you should be riding bikes.

96. Competition – win the UK in guidebooks!

Win every UK mountain bike guide book from the Ernest Press.

98. Gallery – Gary Perkin’s Cape Epic.

singletrack magazine issue 66 (3)
The Absa Cape Epic shot by Gary Perkin

The long, dusty, South African stage race as seen by local photographer, Gary Perkin.

110. Propaganda: Buy Singletrack Stuff!

Mugs, top, shirts, socks. We’ve got you covered.

112. Grouptest: GPS Units

Whether for training or exploring, the latest GPS units are small, last for ages and let you navigate.

120. Fitness with Matt Hart

Find out how successful Matt and Chipps’ training for the 12 hour solo championships went.

126. Route Guide: Princes Risborough

Benji heads down to the leafy green trails of Buckinghamshire.

142. Outro

Another odd photo from Chipps’ archives.

Premier Media


Giant Reign X0

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue66/GiantReignXO1.mp4″]

Rocky Mountain Slayer 70

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue66/RockyMountainSlayer701.mp4″]

Trek Scratch Air

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue66/TrekScratchAir91.mp4″]

Route Guide GPS Files

Hard Route (Tracklogs TRL file)

Medium Route (Tracklogs TRL file)

Comments (5)

    It’s too bad the “I device-compatible copy” will still not download to my 64gb iPad without causing it to crash. I am beginning to question the value of purchasing a “premier” subscription, as I cannot read the issues I have bought and paid for… Terrible.

    I’m also finding that issue 66 crashes GoodReader on my (original) iPad. Issue 65 was also problematic. I notice both these issues have grown to over 120MB whereas typical previous issues were 60-70MB.
    My suspicion is that the vast amount of vector artwork in the PDFs is beyond the rendering capabilities of the device/GoodReader. On most of the adverts you can see thin white outlines surrounding every graphic element and on some adverts this appears to be hundreds of elements (background patterns originated in Illustrator). Whilst it is great that the body text is sharply rendered because it is vector, it is not necessary nor sensible to have the advert artwork render this way. If the advert pages were rasterised at 300dpi that would probably solve the problem.
    iBooks seems to cope a bit better but cannot display double page spreads which makes the reading/viewing experience poor. Please test the PDFs on your iPad before releasing them. Happy to advise/test if it helps.

    Despite supposedly doing my day job I thought I’d test my suspicion about your PDFs. Opened Issue 66 in Acrobat Professional 9.4. On every advert page I used the “Touch Up Object” tool and selected all objects on the page. I then right-clicked and selected “Edit Objects”. The page then opened in Illustrator (some fonts missing on some ad for me, no surprise). In Illustrator I then used “select all” then “Object” menu and “Rasterize” (set at 300dpi and transparent background). Finally saved and closed the document in Illustrator. It then appears back in Acrobat as a rasterised page in the right place. Did this on all the advert pages. Overall file size didn’t decrease but GoodReader on the iPad can now whizz through all the pages with no problems. Some particular adverts (e.g. CatEye and Ragley) had very complex vector graphics on them and it was no wonder the iPad application was crashing. Please can Singletrack ensure future digital editions don’t suffer this problem. If I can fix an issue in under an hour hopefully you guys can do this before releasing the PDF. I’ll try emailing this posting to the magazine office as well in case you’re not reading the comments on this page.

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for that. We are already looking at different ways to optimise the entire mag. We don;t really want anything in the mag above 150dpi as it’s not really neccessary with vectored text. We are using Adobe Pro X to generate the final PDF ripped from our original print files that add up to over 2gb for each issue. The file size increase is deliberate as we had complaints about the quality of the images when zoomed. iBooks is by far the best app to use in terms of readability but as yet we have not come across an App that displays DPS spreads well enough to keep us happy. We are constantly looking at this and we’ll take your suggestions on board 🙂

    Hi Mark,
    Neither the image resolution nor the overall file size is causing GoodReader to crash. It is the over-complex vector artwork on a number of the advert pages. Rasterise all the non-text vectors on those pages and then the problem is gone. Very happy with the new increased image resolution/file size as I like being able to zoom in on images to check out detail on bikes etc. Have to say I find the readability of GoodReader very good with nice sharp text rendering. I don’t use iBooks because the mag design doesn’t make sense without DPS. Great to know that you guys are continually striving to get the best quality but there appear to be a few people suffering crashes with last couple PDF issues. Do they crash GoodReader on your iPad? You seem to have to have the document open for some while before it happens.

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