Video: 661 Gravity Enduro Muddy Carnage

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While the recent 661 Gravity Enduro at Ae went off with barely a hitch despite the damp and miserable conditions, the rain did make the Saturday’s seeding run a little bit tricky, with some of the freshly cut corners being a on the slippy side.

Thankfully, Matt and Jon were on hand to offer helpful advice to anyone that struggled – as well as pointing a camera in the general direction of the carnage…

Especially for Premier Users, here’s the extended mix in an iPhone/iPad friendly format…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2011/05/AeCrashingLongLR.m4v”]

Comments (16)

    2.20 explains why my jacket was so minging

    Not much you can add to that really!

    Superb, made all the better by everyone having a smile on their face!

    I think there should be a special worldwide non-profit organization: “Blokes at the bail spot”.

    It should take care of arranging special events in such locations during competitions: like fixing a performance of cellists and violin players in suits playing some smooth air…

    Ace stuff. Reminds me of all the jolly sideline sneering at

    very entertaining, CX one was fun too.

    I raced at Ae. Up until watching that video my kids have shown no interest in watching me race, now they’re desperate to come with me to the next round!

    very impressed at the heel clicker at 6.20 there!

    Brilliant! Would also like to seen how the top riders were managing that corner without bailing.

    Not a great add for flat sole shoes!!!!!

    Excellent! Proper laugh out loud stuff!

    Brilliant stuff thanks

    P!ss funny… Well done lads!

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