Troy Lee Designs Ace gloves

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Work experience lad Ben G has had this set of gloves on test since he came to the office a few months back – here’s what he made of them…

troy lee designs ace glove
Work-ex lad Ben G likes the kitten soft feel...

Price: £22.00
From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure
Tested: Two months

These gloves come with a Terry cloth mesh, two way stretch material to cling to the top of your hand and keep it fitting snug on the back without the need for holes to keep your hands cool on hot summer days. They are designed to feel like you are not wearing gloves at all, unfortunately they don’t – they feel like wearing something as soft as a kitten wearing a cashmere coat riding a sheep, so yeah, they’re pretty soft.

The extra material on the palms makes a huge difference protecting your hands after a few hours in the saddle and can keep you going for that bit longer. The last thing you want when braking is your fingers to slip from the levers at the crucial moment so there’s is a thin layer of silicon appliqué that makes sure you’ve got the grip when you need it without sacrificing the feel of the glove. As ever Troy Lee Designs has delivered on the styling and they are available in three different colour schemes; purple, yellow and black, red, white and black or black and white. I reckon all look fairly awesome.

Overall: Super soft, lightweight gloves with fantastic graphics, they stand the test of time and will see you through many rides comfortably, all while keeping your hands ‘cool’ in both senses of the word.

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    2 finger braking? Or a subtle V sign?

    two finger braking isn’t a crime

    Question: how robust are they on the backs? My Troy Lee SEs were chosen on the basis of having some plasticky stuff so when (not if!) I come off I have some protection to my hands – and for brambles and suchlike. I’m guessing these being superlight, they’re not so good for that kinda thing?

    yeah, they don’t have any padding on the backs. I’d stick with your SE’s if its protection you’re after.

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