Kiddimoto release Official Evel Knievel Range

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What better role model for a young cyclist than a man who, as legend would have it, broke every bone in his body by falling off one? Absolutely noone, that’s who.

That’s why we got rather excited by this new range of kid’s wooden balance bikes and helmets from Kiddimoto, styled after the great Evel Knievel himself. Hopefully your child won’t be driven to leap any Grand Canyons though. Press release and pics below…

“Kiddimoto celebrates arguably the most iconic two-wheeled daredevil with entry into the Hero Collection of wooden balance bikes.

The sports bike...

Evel Knievel, the all-American hero, became famous during the Sixties and Seventies for his legendary motorcycle stunts, most notably at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Wembley Stadium and Snake River Canyon. Perhaps more famous for not landing his jumps, his achievements and failures, including his record 37 broken bones, earned him several entries in the Guinness Book of Records.

Draped in his trademark white, red and blue jumpsuit resplendent with stars, Evel Knievel inspired a generation of children to learn to ride. Kiddimoto has now joined forces with the Knievel family to inspire the next generation of daredevils with the launch of a complete range of officially endorsed balance bikes and a helmet – a must-have for any wanna-be daredevil.

The full range comprises of; Scrambler, Superbike, Chopper and Scooter, all draped with the stars and stripes motif, the no.1 and Evel Knievel’s signature.

..the chopper...

To compliment the range of Evel Knievel replica wooden balance bikes, Kiddimoto has also launched an official Evel Knievel helmet, resplendent with the phrase “Colour Me Lucky” adorning the side. This Las Vegas gambling term is what typifies the way that Evel Knievel lived his life – on the edge and always pushing for bigger, better and greater stunts.

The Kiddimoto Hero Collection celebrates the world motorcycle champions of the past 50 years. The new Evel Knievel range joins the ranks alongside

..and the scooter?

fellow Heroes Joey Dunlop, Mike Hailwood, James Toseland, Carl Fogarty, Nicky Hayden, Troy Corser, Kevin Schwantz, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Neil Hodgson and Barry Sheene.

Kiddimotos aren’t just cool toys, they’re a child’s first bike and an important tool for child development disguised in a fun and desirable package. Aimed at 2-6 year old children, Kiddimoto’s multi-award winning range of wooden balance bikes are an ideal proven, fun, learning platform designed to teach the art of balance and co-ordination at an early age. Kiddimotos don’t have

Classic "Color me lucky" helmet.

pedals or brakes, letting the child control their own movements, developing important motor skills from an earlier age, helping them to progress to a proper bicycle or starter motorcycle without needing to use stabilisers.


All Kiddimoto wooden balance bikes are constructed from high quality, recyclable, natural birch plywood and are both very safe and fun as a form of supervised educational play.


The Kiddimoto Heroes range retails for just £119.99, the helmets for £34.99 and all models are available direct from or through our extensive UK dealer network.

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  1. As a child of the 70’s I’d have wanted one of those. Can’t really see them being relevant to the child of today though

  2. Have you never bought your child a toy you fancied?

  3. Nice. They’ll be relying on the children of the 70’s having children to buy them for now 😉

  4. How long before one of these appears on YouTube under a Jackass wannabe?

  5. As a child of the 70’s and with a wee boy only a week old… I am guessing what he will be getting for Christmas or a Birthday in a couple of years time!!!

  6. Not sure I’d want a biographer battering, wife mistreating old codger as a role model for my kids. That Louis Theroux documentatry about him showed him up as a right nasty old get.

  7. “just £119.99”

    Put me down for 2 then 🙂

  8. I’m a huge fan of balance bikes. I’m a dad of three young cyclists, three year old twins who are still on balance bikes, and another who’s just turned five who moved to a pedal bike without stabilisers just before his third birthday, rides to school every day, and is now comfortably able to do 8 mile plus rides with me.

    Stabilisers are the work of the devil, avoid them at all costs…

    However, really not keen on these toys, and they certainly are toys, that put style and image far above weight, stability, speed,

    Go and buy a proper push along/kids bike from a proper bike shop. They’ll learn much faster, and when they’ve grown out of it you’ll get virtually all your money back when you sell it, as there’s a huge market for used kids bikes.

  9. These kiddimoto bikes are horrendously built. I’ve seen a few wih axles too short meaning the wheels bind and unscrew themselves. Also seen one break under the weight of a child.

    Balance bikes are great, these particular examples are frankly dangerous.

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