Danny MacAskill – the Secret Tapes

by Chipps 10

Danny MacAskill shot to internet stardom after THAT video. It arrived perfectly formed and with a great soundtrack. But what about the times he didn’t get it just right? Well, thanks to his now-sponsors Red Bull prodding him a little, he’s shared some of those ‘other’ attempts to show that he’s slightly human. Enjoy them.

Perfecting his 'Staring into the distance' look

Need reminding about the original? Probably not, but just in case.

For more on Danny, follow this link: http://bit.ly/RedBull_DannyMacaskill

Comments (10)

  1. Cant believe he did the jump down after breaking his forks, brave or what

  2. Not only a genius on a bike, also a likeable guy

  3. What a pleasant humble and pleasant chap…

  4. Cant agree more matt..just seems like a really nice guy..great role model…why isn’t he fronting up the ‘ecofriendly’ onslaught on teenage boys?

  5. Best bike vid ever IMo….love it

  6. Great rider, crap actor!

    That broken fork is unbeliveable – especially as they called the ambulance beforehand! The guy is a legend.

  7. I would have thought all of these impossible had I not seen them. Riging along the top of a railing…FFS!!! amazing.

  8. Calling an ambulance before hand – seriously, what a selfish idiot.

  9. @Xiphon:

    The bit about calling the ambulance beforehand was a joke because the siren started just as the stunt went worng….

  10. My little boy is just 5 and his most requested video isn’t Ben 10 by Danny MacAskill. He’s just started riding his bike round the decking in stunt mode! Looks like Mr Mac will be responsible for many cuts and bruises.

    Keep up the inspirational work Mr Mac.

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