Straitline Quickie Stiffie

by singletrackjon 8

A bit of product news for this morning before we get Fresh Goods out there – it’s not often that you get to see a product that could genuinely change the way we ride. Canadian component makers Straitline reckon they’ve found the holy grail of mountain biking – how to get a long travel bike to ride like a cross country bike. There’s going to be no need to have a quiver of bikes – the Straitline Quicky Stiffy is going to take care of it. Check out the video below…

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  1. OK I admit I got 40 seconds in before I realised it is April 1st.

  2. Does anyone know if they make one to fit my rigid bike?

  3. Just ordered one for my Stumpjumper.
    The article doesn’t mention it, but they do a brain-equipped version with ‘non-trail fade’ adjustment.

  4. Jimmy Saville there again.

    Gets about a lot dunnee?

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