ITS Tyres Manufactures North Shore Specific Rubber

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Intense Tyre Systems and Silverfish UK are pleased to announce that after 6 months of development the latest tread pattern is ready to hit the shops and riders wheels.

The all NEW Intruder ‘NS’ (North Shore) tyre has been developed with riders who like riding wood and hucking trannies in mind.  ITS realised that although the North Shore riding scene and North Shore style trail building has been growing year-on-year the development of specific products for these riders has not been that large.  With this in mind ITS’s design team locked themselves away with the mission of developing a tyre which they could add to their popular DH and FR tyre line-up and which would meet and exceed the needs of wooden structure riders.

It took a while, but finally - real dual-tread tyres are here!

Featuring a dual  tread pattern which mates bands of high knobs with sections of low aggressive multi-knobs the tyre is designed to give better grip on North Shore ramps and ladders by gripping onto the wooden slats as well as filling and gripping the gaps in between them.  “The idea is a simple one really” said Silverfish UK’s Marketing Manager Pete Drew.  “by working closely with riders and the tyre factories ITS have developed an MTB tyre which is perfect for wooden ladder riding.  The higher sections of knobs naturally fit in the ladders gaps while the specifically designed lower knobs grip onto the wood itself.  This means the tyre acts like a ‘track’ and will not slip under acceleration even in the wettest conditions”.

Here, you can see how it meshes perfectly with the planks.

Delivery of the ITS Intruder NS tyre is expected in April and it will be offered in both 2.35” and 2.5” widths.  Work is already underway on an lighter weight XC version as well as a 29” tyre as the use of North Shore increases at trail centres around the country.

SRP –     TBC

Size –    26” x 2.35”/2.5”

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