Sea Otter: Random Roundup #1

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Not everything fits into neat headings and there are some things we’re going to come back to, so in the meantime, here’s a selection of pictures and new things we’ve seen on our first couple of hours at this year’s Sea Otter.

As seen at the Paris Roubaix... The new Giro Aeon helmet. It's near enough as light as the Pro-Lite, but offers more protection and better venting. Oh, and Roc-Loc5 too.


New Crank Bros Mallet pedal - with machined-in grippy bits.
The Crank Bros 50/50 - now sharing some continuity with the Mallet.
Very neat new multitools from Crank Bros
The SRAM big rig. This is possibly why XX costs so much...
An old GT BMX with ALL the add-ons. Supermegatrick!
Kyle Strait's new Pivot bike, called the M4X (Mountain Four Cross? We think it should be known as the 'Max' )
The Pivot M4X. 100mm rear travel, 140 or so up front. Ideal slopestyle/4X/fun machine.

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