Premier: Sea Otter Image Dump

by singletrackjon 10

Events like the Sea Otter are a little hard to cover with limited staff. There’s always the tradeoff between roaming the pits, quizzing people, getting the scoops, and heading back to the press room to write about it and put stories together.

Inside Easton's secret testing lab on Wednesday.

We figured that Premier users, being committed mountain bike enthusiasts, were probably savvy enough to trade the detailed captions and explanations for some raw photos and data. The detailed stories will follow shortly, when Chipps gets a minute to write them, for the regular readers of, but in the meantime, Premier users will get to see a rough edit of all the shots so far, presented in big chunks of pictures. It’s an experiment, so let us know what you think…

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Comments (10)

  1. There’s something a bit macabre about the helmets in the tank photo. Looks like someone’s been collecting scalps.

  2. mmmm polished tapered headtube mmmm
    Who are Grammo – the forks look like the on-ones.

  3. Rubbish, can’t see anything.

    Completely disagree with this premier nonsense !

  4. is that a nomad or blur?

  5. Nice one chipps. Head down to fishermans wharf in monterey to the coffee house my good friend and ultra marathon runner ben runs, tell him tangwyn sent you and you will get good coffee and crepes!

  6. “Rubbish, can’t see anything.
    Completely disagree with this premier nonsense !”

    Most of these pictures will appear in regular stories in the next day or two, it’s just that we figure that Premier users might like the raw, unedited lot until I get time to fashion them into nice stories. It’s a bit like being in the Dennis the Menace Club and getting a special copy of the Beano.

  7. Are those easton carbon rims? Howsatworkthen? Threadlock the nipple into rim then turn the (straightpull presumably) spoke instead of the nipple to true the wheel?

  8. You showered at Denny’s?

  9. Good work Chips! Cheers mate, I like trying to work out what all the fantastic shiney new stuff does and is for, before it gets rolled out to the masses.

    Better start a new wish list now!!

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