Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 8

After the high of a sunny weekend, we’re back down to reality with the grey middle of the week. If that’s filled you with a bleak existential emptiness, then let us cheer you up with a load of moving pictures…

First up it’s Gary Lake with a short and sweet edit. Ahh, buff trails, dust and sunshine – and all fitted in after work. If the prospect of more evenings like that to come doesn’t make you feel happy then there’s something wrong with you…

More action from last weekend’s Halo BDS round at Moelfre, shot by the guys from Wideopen Mag and presented by elite racer (and cheeky scamp) Rich Thomas. As well as loads of banging racing, a chat with someone that managed to fit a cage fight into their race weekend, it also contains a smidgen of bad language and poor Millie the promo girl having the mickey taken.

Bob and Ally from Campbell Coaching have made this little video to help explain the basics of cornering – if you missed the mini-series we did on skills a while back then take a look here

OMG super cute interlude! It’s a cat being friends with a dolphin!

Antony from the Bristol Trails Group sent us this video of the new trails the group of volunteers have been digging in 50 Acre Wood. They’re within easy reach of the city centre too…

We’ve been getting into the whole Euro-Enduro racing thing here at Singletrack lately. Matt did the epic Trans-Provence enduro stage race last yeat, we’ve done a preview of the Eastridge round of the 661 Gravity Enduro, but this is how the French boys do it – the Enduro de Chateaux. Looks quite fast’n’buff…

Bearded bad man Ed from Great Rock headed over to Greece to re-visit the trails he rode for a feature in Issue 63 and do some skills courses with the locals – there’s some good pointers in here…

We headed down to the Velodrome in Manchester for a staff day out – and what fun we had. Here’s a bit of video from it…

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  1. The Monkeys saying “I preferred the electrodes in the head and having to smoke a pack of capstan full strength every hour to riding this bloody fixie”

  2. Braap! Nice one Antony, more Bristol trail love. Might go out and shoot 50-acre next week!

  3. Likewise Gary! 37.5% Bristol this week!

    “They’re within easy reach of the city centre and…” the Nova Scotia? 😉

    Oh and these aren’t the new trails, just the bit we’ve gradually been fixing and improving over the past few years. New trails start being built next month, woop!

  4. Still, they’re not bad for the work of volunteers and eh?

  5. we cleared off the old climb to the double drop on Monday as well, now its easy to climb up and drop down, enjoy

  6. 50 acre is looking good.

  7. love how theres a kid pulling out his wedgie in the background on the moelfre video.

  8. That French race route looked great

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