Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

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Multi-use jacket ahoy!

Rab Shadow Hoodie

Price: £120
From: www.rab.uk.com
Tested: Continuously for four months

This jacket could get you thrown out of some shopping centres.

The Shadow Hoodie isn’t really a jacket for riding in, it’s what I would call a ‘live-in-jacket’. In winter it can be worn as a mid-layer over a base layer and under a waterproof shell or down jacket, and in summer it can be worn as an outer layer in the cool of the evening as you stand next to the BBQ necking IPA and poking charred meat. Saying that, if you wear a hoodie when you’re riding you could do a lot worse than this jacket.

Thumb loops keep your mitts warm.

A jacket that you’re going to want to wear year round had better be able to take the daily toil of having brake fluid, sausage roll crumbs, tea and pasta sauce splashed on it as well as standing up to general abrasion and in this respect the Shadow Hoodie survives it all. The Shadow is made from Polartec Windpro with Hardface technology, so it’ll keeps you warm, is water resistant, won’t develop holes in the elbows any time soon and can stand being covered in mud and washed repeatedly; this is a well put together garment. Be aware though, the stretchy nature of the jacket means that it will accentuate your body shape, great for slim and trim types but those of fuller figure may find it less flattering.

Features on some jackets just equal bulk but the two huge chest pockets can take an OS map, or a LifeCycle DVD case, each. Multifunctional. There’s also an internal pocket that’s surprisingly cavernous. Obviously being called the Shadow Hoodie it has a hood. I’ve never been a big fan of jackets with a hood as they add bulk and if I want to keep my head warm I’d wear a hat, but I have actually used the hood quite a lot and as this jacket is less about weight-weenie-ism and more about everyday use it kind of makes sense. The thumb loops are another nice touch and thanks to the stretchy nature of the fabric you aren’t just pulling the sleeves off your shoulders like some jackets can do.
£120 may seem pricey but it’s a garment that can be worn year round rather than for just three months of the year and then stored in a wardrobe, so it’s high on VFM.

Overall: Finish a ride, throw this jacket on and retire to the cafe. Continue to wear jacket for rest of the year. Repeat.


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    I hav a similar rab top (stretch vr) that i litterally live in! Fantastic quality stuff and british too

    I have another Rab top the Vapour Rise Tour Lite, that I’ve been living in since I bought it. Windshell, very breathable, light, tricot lining for warmth and comfort – you can wear it next to the skin, over a base layer and as a midlayer under a hardshell. Water resistant and very quick to dry.

    And pit zips + chest pockets which also vent. And a hood, which you can fold/roll out of the way.

    I love it!

    Would get one if it didn’t have a hood.

    I have one and was Very pleased with it, unfortunatly i ripped the elbow, and the nature of the material means sewing and repairing neetly and inconsipicuously, is very hard, the outer fabric runs when ripped and when sewn pulls appart.

    Other than the rips (My fault) amazing jacket.

    I have been living in one of these all winter, (my wife has made me wash it once or twice) wandering around Lee Quarry and the surrounding moors in all weathers, it really is very good bit of kit. Not good in the rain though half an hour or so of water falling from the sky and it starts to soak through but then I guess it does not claim to be water proof so I only have myself to blame! I have used it on and off the bike and I was very glad of the hood back when we had all the ice around. Its not too hot and not too cold I can see me using it pretty much all year round. Got mine for pretty much half price from Planet Fear but having had one for a while even the full price would seem reasonable if I had to get a replacment.

    I have a MAMMUT soft shell. I think it cost me circa £100 almost 8yrs ago. Its still trucking.

    I’d buy a MAMMUT any day of the week over the coffeeshop jackets like Northface/Rab stuff like the above. Sorry.

    It’s not a soft shell this, it’s a fleece with a weather/wind proof surface. Definitely to be re-considered if you want something in the softshell vein.
    I’ve had one for 2.5 months. I like it, because the hood is great, it looks cool and it’s stretchy, which works for me as I’m movin n groovin. (Cycling/gardening). I’m 5′.10″ and went for the small. Because it’s a tight fitting garment mine feels a tad too small, so if I’m gonna layer beneath it, i’ll have to go for thin, un-weighty garments. So if you fancy sticking a jumper under it when cold, the fit is dense – a tad swaddled. It isn’t a true shell-outer layer but it is built hardily. So it would serve well if a bit bigger. I have a friend who got theirs a size bigger for the means of layering more comfortably. Though snug, it’s not the warmest. It traps heat when you prolong the movin n groovin, so for cold mornings it’ll do well. Don’t loiter in it with the hood up on street corners in Longisght.
    Summary – an economically fitting jacket with good weather/wind proofing and stretchy material. Comfortably snug but far from a lightweight primaloft item. Hood is amazing. Whole piece is great beneath a hardshell!

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