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I’m having a fantasy that there’s a direct correlation with the popularity of Singetrack’s mid week movies and a increase in sales of biscuits as happy workers blank out the drone of their tiresome boss and put aside the mindless never ending spreadsheet in front of them, and for a brief period are whisked away in to the virtual forest , the kinked handrail and this week viewers a near death experience!

First up – This is either going to fill your heart with joy at youth and all of it’s potential or make you grind your teeth that you’re nearly already dead and nowhere near as good as young Rowan Carpenter. (Music is ok Rowan but I’d go for something a little tougher)

So you’re out on your Sunday road ride ( WHY?) and feeling a little dispirited with your performance? May be this would help?

Bob sleigh is ace on Bob sleigh courses. Rubbish on bikes.


Mountain Bike Bobsled Run from Aaron Lutze on Vimeo.

More from Transition Bikes – Their new rider Even Turpen worth it just for 1.48 for that jump….

Here’s Brendan Looking more stylish than even John Galliano can. I want to roost out of corners!

We need some skating – Some arty skating ideally. Etnies Presents: Kyle Leeper, Rain or Shine – Shot By Mike Manzoori – Who used to skate a lot down at the Southbank back in the day fact fans.

Finally a life affirming near death experience from this skier..

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