New, super lightweight KCNC X7 brakes…

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This’ll bring a warm joyous feeling to anyone with a lightweight CNC fetish – these are the new X7 disk brakes from lightweight specialists KCNC – and they’re claimed to be lighter than the racey offerings from Magura, Hope, SRAM and even 2011 XTR.

KCNC Pro lever…

The brakes have been in development for 12 months but they’ve now been released with a new ‘Pro’ lever and KCNC claim a weight of just 249g for a front brake complete with lever, hose, calliper, a pair of Ti bolts and a 160mm Razor disk.

The X7 calliper in silver ano…

As you’d expect, you get a choice of four anodised colours (black, red, gold and silver), four hose colours (black, red, white and yellow) and they come pre-bled in your pick of IS or post mounts, although if you want Centre-loc adaptors or disk bolts then you’ll need those separately. The brake uses a semi metallic XTR compatible pad with alloy back plate and you can get rotor sizes from 140 to 180mm.

They use XTR pads so spares should be easy to source…

They’re going to be available now from KCNC retailers throughout the UK and they’ll set you back £399.99 for a pair – not £399.99 per end, as we originally reported…


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    How much???????????

    To be honest they look just a bit too ‘Dan Dare’ for me.

    It’s for the more-money-than-sense brigade.

    It would be interesting to hear how good they are for stopping?

    They’d be a nightmare to clean, too many fiddly bits for mud to collect.

    the Clee site suggests that they’re 399 for the whole set (front and rear).
    your link’s wrong too.

    Initially I thought WOW……then NO…… they look cheap and nasty…. in ‘Flesh Gordon’ kind of way?

    Definately ‘come out the closet’ kit those….the black version look as though they’re made from liquorice!

    they’ll set you back £399.99 an end…..and they’re hideous!

    You’re right – they’re actually £399.99 for the pair – which makes them rather reasonable…

    I think these are great. They’re not actually any more expensive than XTR, especially when you factor in that XTR don’t come with rotors and you have to add in the cost of those. I’m willing to bet that in true KCNC fashion they’ll wipe the floor with Shimano, Avid and all the other ‘big’ brands in terms of price-to-weight ratio. And they look awesome, the true old-school ‘KCNC look’ with the CNC’d minimalism and anodized bolts. They look better than XTR I think which just look hideously flash.

    I’ve had these brakes for about 4 weeks now, and have to say they are brilliant.

    Superbly made, they look very pretty in the flesh, and they are the stated weight.

    Stopping power = massive. Much more than Hope Tech X2 or Avid Elixir CRs.

    Modulation = incredible, as good as Hope Tech X2 and Shimano XT.

    The feel of the brakes is very good too, the blade is a very nice thin piece of aluminium, which seems to fit my fingers very well.

    They use XT pads, so simple and cheap to change, and they use mineral oil – so again nicer to bleed than Avid or Hope, plus it’s just a simple bottom up bleed.

    On another note, the service from Clee Cycles was top notch – Andy is such a nice chap 🙂

    Fully recommended.

    “The brake uses a semi metallic XTR compatible pad” now thats a good idea, using a pad design that works with a bunch of other brakes.
    Any chance all the manufacturers can get together and make some standard pads?
    xc2pot (shimano, avid, hope mini x2 etc)
    DH 2pot (V2, the one)
    4 pot (M4, saint, stroker)
    DH 6pot

    D0NK – you’re asking that from an industry that can’t decide how big headtubes should be. Or seatposts. Or rear axles. Or front axles.


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