Hotlines 2011: NS Bikes, Creme, Michelin, Gravity Dropper

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Here’s the final part of our coverage from the Hotlines UK dealer show. So far we’ve seen what’s new from Ragley, Lynskey and Nuke Proof, but here’s a nicely mixed bag of a few other brands.

NS Bikes Soda

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NS Bikes Soda Slope proto frame

Here’s a little slopestyle bike from Polish dirt-jump brand NS Bikes. Apparently there’s 100mm of rear wheel travel, pivoting around the BB so there’s the option to run it singlespeed if you like. Looks rad…

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Pivots around the BB

There’s also an ISCG05 mount built into the BB pivot, which looks rather trick.

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Singlespeedable dropouts...

Adjustable rear dropouts and chunky pivots…

NS Bikes Analog fixie

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NS Bike Analog fixie

The NS Bikes Analog is a fixie for the more freestyle end of the market. Frame and straight blade forks are full cromoly and it’s got decently chunky 38C tyres which should make it an ace little town bike – especially as it comes with a 16T freewheel as well as the fixed option. Price is going to be £549.99

NS Bike Holy 2


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NS Bikes Holy 2


The Holy 2 is a tidy looking 24″ wheeled cruiser that comes with a rigid but is corrected for sus forks. The frame uses an integrated clamp for the saddle and comes with three piece cromo cranks. Excellent for smashing your face to pieces for on a pumptrack or skatepark. It’ll set you back £499.99 and you can even get a 26″ version if you like…

Gravity Dropper

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The Gravity Dropper seatpost range

Hotlines have picked up distribution of what was one of the first effective and reliable uppy downy posts to come about – and one of the few available in 27.2mm diameter. There are three posts in the range, with the manually adjustable Descender, the remotely operated Classic and instantly raising Turbo.


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Gravity Dropper Descender post

They’re available in a massive array of diameters, post lengths, drops (from 3 to 5 inches) and there’s even an I-Beam version. Prices to be confirmed – but you can check out our all encompassing test of uppy downy posts in the latest issue of the magazine.

Creme Bikes

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Creme have got some beautifully made and finished urban bike kit

Creme are a brand-new range of urban bikes that are a bit more stylish and exciting than the standard issue grey coloured hybrid town bike. The bikes are handmade in the EU and they’ve got some really nice, classically styled kit for the fashionistas out there.

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Creme Vinyl Doppio classic track bike

The Vinyl Doppio is an old-skool track bike that’s a contender for nicest paint colour of 2011. The Doppio gets double butted Tange tubing on the frame and forks with investment cast dropouts and a flip-flop rear hub for £749.99.

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Creme Holy Moly ladies bike

The Holy Moly is a Dutch style bike, updated with a three-speed Shimano Nexus drivetrain. It’s not designed to get you there fast but the nice touches such as leather grips ooze a bit of retro cool. Men’s frame are available and this three speed version will cost £499.99, although there is a dynamo-lit version available for £549.99.

Michelin Tyres

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Michelin Wild Grip'r 2.5" tyre

Michelin’s new range of tyres are being (non-exclusively) distributed by Hotlines too – Matt has had some through to test and we’re waiting to hear his verdict. In the meantime, here’s the fattest version 2.5in of the Wild Grip’r that we saw in Fresh Goods a few weeks back. Chunky.

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Nicely aggressive looking tread and new compounds aplenty.

That’s it from the Hotlines show – we’ve also seen what’s new from Ragley, Lynskey and Nuke Proof if you missed the other articles.

Next up we’ve got iceBike…

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  1. Does that mean that Hotlines can furnish me with a right hand remote lever for my GD to replace my left hand one? Hope so.

  2. Is it me or does that Soda frame not have a mech hanger – so SS looks like the only option?

  3. You can change dropouts for gears or S/S…

  4. Finally gravity dropper have a decent UK distributer, their last one was appalling,to say the least very rude and did nothing to raise the brand profile. Maybe now all the spares will be available in the UK rather than having to get them from the US. It may be ugly and overpriced but it’s still the most reliable one out there.

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