Fresh Goods Friday

by Chipps 25

It’s a week when Sim and Jon are both off on holiday, Matt’s off next week and Chipps is just back from being away. Seems that there’s not been enough folk on the phones to fill the Fresh Goods bucket. We still have a bunch of stuff to show you. It can’t always be 180mm suspension forks and uppy downy posts now, can it?

First up is something we’ve not seen in a while… Sunshine! Yep, only a week to go until the clocks go forward. The crocuses and daffs are out and it’s only 91 days until Mountain Mayhem. Time to get out on the bike then!

Dropping down Stairs Lane into Oxenhope.

Tenn Outdoor, those makers of affordable cycling wear, sent us a few jerseys for test and photoshoot duties in suitably springlike colours. Here’s the Cool Flo Jersey which RRPs for £31.99 and has a full zip and three rear pockets.


Cool Flo Jersey


From: Tenn Outdoors



And making a welcome return to actual cycling clothing (rather than cool stuff that it’s possible to ride in) is Howies! Here’s their Women’s Taith top. A Merino/Nylon mix cycling jersey with tailored fit, rear pocket and reflective trim. Rather oddly it features a full length zip, which we never find particularly flattering over the stomach – and it’s rare that women ride with jerseys unzipped to the navel. A half zip next time perhaps Howies?

Price: £69




Diamondback Sortie 1

Price: £1299


There’s more Howies stuff in a minute, but before that, let’s look at this Knucklebox – it’s the centrepiece of the Diamondback Sortie 1. It’s a full suspension machine with neat, low down suspension gubbins and a smart white finish.


Singletrack Mug
Price: From £7.99 to subscribers
From: Singletrack Shop
We’ve just had a re-stock of our super-popular (and incredibly heavy) coffee mugs. We’re really happy with how these look – and the coffee-drinking experience is pretty special.

Cube AMS Comp

Price: £1399

From: Cube Cycles

100mm of mid-blueness!


Four bar, air forks and everything.


And you’re back with the Howies.

Howies Vail Tee is still going strong and comes in some suitably springlike colours too. We’ve been wearing Howies Merino tees all winter and reckon they’re great. Sorry about the sideways pictures. It’s one of those days (already).

Howies Vail Tee

Price: £45



Here’s the new Howies Outsider short, which features water resistant Epic cotton and a seamless, yoked crotch so that excessive saddle friction doesn’t bust any seams. Price: £89.99


Now, here’s the Howies Slipstream Jersey – with 100% merino, rear pockets and a 1/3rd zip (why can’t the girls have that zip?) and coming in a nicely conservative black and off-white. Price: £80 (though it’s a tenner off this week) –


And finally for the Howies collection this week is this pair of NBL base layers. Its normal for the ladies to get all the good colours, but we really like the look of these men’s blue and cream base layers. £49 long sleeve and £45 short sleeve.

Brunox Turbo Spray 125ml

Price:About a fiver


A secret little spray bottle that we’ve seen in many pro-mechanics’ toolboxes. It’s a light water-dispersing spray that’s really handy for all sorts of jobs. Brunox also does a Rockshox-approved fork seal spray called Deo too.


Not to be confused with those mini bottles of Red Bull


Fat Hand – here’s Matt’s Fat Hand, gained while doing a feature for the next issue. Cause? An over-bars-to-rock-slap. We look forward to seeing how the bruising spreads…

Zebra Video Recording Sunglasses.

Price: £79.99


Yep, the future is here! Matt is sporting the latest in techno-eyewear. Not only are these Zebra Sunglasses going to protect your eyes, but thanks to the tiny digital camera fitted (in that little hole) between the eyes, it’ll record everything you’re doing too. There’s 2GB of internal memory and a USB port (as well as a micro-SD slot for more memory). They’re on charge now and we hope to bring you the results very shortly. Bonkers!


'If only I'd worn these yesterday for my crash'


Leffe four pack

Price: About €4

From: Belgian supermarkets.

If you fancy a classier beverage to enjoy on the canal bank, drink cans of Leffe rather than Special Brew. Just tell the policeman that you’re a bohemian and he’ll leave you alone to enjoy the sun and the suds. That’s Chipps’ excuse anyway.

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  1. Who is going to spend £1300 on a DiamondBack? The Cube is a good example of what another £100 gets you – surely a country mile better VFM?

  2. Having seen that Diamond Back in the flesh it doesn’t seem good value compared to the Cube (although they are totally different bikes really)

  3. im sorry that db is nice .the bulk of the price is in the frame etc,lets be honest its a good base to build & upgarde on over a period of time.i like it.

  4. “Who is going to spend £1300 on a DiamondBack?”

    Someone with an open mind? :]

  5. Stupid priced Howies stuff as per usual – £45 for a T?!?! Bonkers!

    Got a tenn long sleeve jersey a couple of years ago – used it for commuting nearly everyday and it’s stood up really well. Nothing too flash, just gets on with the job. It’s the ‘weight’ of the fabric really that makes it a winner – like a normal jersey so paired with a SS one – spot on.

  6. The Howies shorts do look nice. Shame they don’t do a waterproof version that costs half as much.

  7. I like the new Commencal Super 4 colours.

    What’s that you say? Diamond Back? Oh, well I’m sure the Andorrans will soon have their lawyers onto that!

  8. pricey that womens jersey…

  9. isnt the head angle on the db hella steep?

  10. video camera in sunglasses … whatever next 😉
    appears pretty good value though given the cost of these types of thing.

  11. Leffe in cans is ace! Always used to bring a few slabs back when retuning from France/Belgium…

  12. I stayed in a flat above a small supermarket in Les Gets that had a week long offer on Leffe the entire time we were there. My head hurts thinking about it :-0

  13. daveyboywonder – agreed

    the diamondback does look pretty low spec for the price, but then it does have reflectors…

  14. Great reviews, very informative………

  15. “etc,lets be honest its a good base to build & upgarde on over a period of time”
    And the cube isn’t why? apart from being better equipped to start with, perhaps not warranting upgrading quite the same

    “Great reviews, very informative………”
    I believe the reviews will in time appear in the magazine?

  16. @hexhamstu – you realise it’s “fresh goods”? as in just got in the office? need some time to test before you can review mate.

  17. Those sunglasses could get you into all sorts of trouble….! I’m off down to Halfords!

  18. Is that an extra pivot at the dropout end of the seat stay on the DB compared to the solid swing arm of the Super 4?

  19. Yes. Thats why I didn’t say it was a blatant rip off of a Super 4 (but it is really isn’t it). To be honest, for £1300, I think (in my narrow minded opinion) that it looks a distinctly average frame that I suspect you’ll be able to buy from a frame catalogue somewhere with some pretty low rent parts on it. If Diamond Back want to get back to their early/mid 90’s heyday then they need to release something thats groundbreaking, not churn out another lookylikey full sus that you’ll be able to get for £600 discounted in Pauls Cycles in a few months.

  20. ive got a pair of glasses

    there alot better than i thought they would be.
    only problem is that it doesnt tell you when the card is full…it just deletes the first file recorded

    heres a link to some footage i took with it

  21. That Diamond Back is surely a skint mans Commencal- is there a law suit heading their way?
    The Cube definately looks like a better bike…

  22. whats the difference between brunox and wd40 or gt85? apart from price obviously?
    serious question.

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