Compo Winner: Saint Martin of Magura

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All the way back in Singletrack Issue 62 we offered one lucky reader the chance to win a lovely set of Magura Marta FR brakes, courtesy of modern day, mineral oil apostle St. Martin of Magura. And what a prize it was – guaranteed to be leakproof for five years, the brakes offer freeride power while weighing just 340g per end, and they came in a fetching shade of green.

We got loads of your entertaining postcards through, most of them with the correct answer to our mind bogglingly hard question of which dish you’d be most likely to encounter in Magura’s hometown of Bad Urach in the Schwabian Alps.

It was, of course, the culinary delight of Kesselfleisch mit sauerkraut – boiled belly pork with finely shredded and mildly fermented cabbage. Om nom, as they probably don’t say in Germany.

Anyway, onto the winner, drawn entirely at random by Chipps’ lucky hand – it was….

Andy from Matlock, Derbyshire.

He's a winner! Look how good that feels...

Look at his happy little fizzog!

If you want to feel this good, then in the current issue (64) of the magazine we’re offering the chance to win an Orange P7 frame in the colour of your choice – and then we’ll take you out for a day in the hills of Calderdale and show you our secret trails of delight. It is, literally, a prize without price.

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