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This looks like a rather cool idea – a website that helps you find nearby, publicly accessible woodlands to explore.

Soon all woods will look like this... has been developed to bring all of the UK’s known publicly accessible woods onto one free database to help people all over the country discover 14,000 woodlands on their doorstep.


The £2.1 million project enables people to find their nearest accessible wood and directions to it. Visitors keen to share their experience can attribute various features and facilities to the woods they have visited, as well as uploading photographs, recommendations and comments to the site.

The project has been developed by the Woodland Trust in partnership with other leading organisations such as the Forestry Commission, the National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, Yell and DoubleTree by Hilton.

Despite support from all of its partners the project still requires additional funding, which companies that cater for cyclists may be able to help with.

Gail Graham, project manager for VisitWoods, said: “ is a great way for cyclists to discover woods close to where they live, as well as further afield. It features lots of great ideas and resources, which we hope will inspire users to try something new.

“The website is a great fit for companies that cater for cyclists to support as it will become a widely used information source by their customers and supporters.

“In the long-term our aim is that becomes a vital public service, which thousands of people all over the country will come to use on a regular basis. Any companies which would like to support the project should contact the Woodland Trust on 01476 581 112.”

As well as being able to search for nearby woodlands using a postcode, most importantly if you aim to do a bit of trailbuilding, it also lets you contact the landowner. Perfect if you aim to get involved with a local group and solve some access issues

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  1. Does a privately owned wood with public access mean that all or any trails within are fair game for walkers, cyclists and horsey types or are there other rules/byelaws etc that apply? apparently there are 410 woodlands within 25 miles of my house, can feel some summer evening exploring coming on 😀

  2. How is this different to looking at an OS map and cycling on the bridleways that go through woods then ?

  3. I’m wondering the same as Votchy.
    There are loads that come up as “a privately owned (open to the public) wood”.
    What does this mean as far as mountain biking is concerned?

  4. I think this looks like a really great project! The key will be willingness to co-operate and share information. The site looks very easy to use.

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