Nick Larsen talks about the Charge Cooker

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Here’s a bit of video extra for our Premier Subscribers with Nick Larsen talking about his new 29″ wheeled Charge Cooker in a bit more depth. He’s got over his initial reluctance to large wheels and has become a convert of late. We run through how and why he’s chosen the angles for the Cooker, thoughts on fork offsets, what’s going on with that big rigid fork on the cheapest build, plus plenty of other things that should float your inner bike-geek boat. Enjoy…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2011/02/Charge.m4v” height=”385" width =”640"]

For everyone else, here’s Nick’s personal Charge Duster Ti, made especially for him from Tange Ultimate Titanium tubing.

Nick's personal Charge Duster Ti
It's a large Charge but there's something special with this one...
..yup, 11spd Alfine rear hub.
..but what's that there? it?
Yup, an eccentric BB...

If you’d like a Ti EBB Duster then you’re going to be disappointed – there are currently no plans to put this into production…

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  1. He doesn’t look too convinced by 29er’s?
    Or does he just need a coffee!

  2. I am monosyllabic and nervous in front of a camera.. And the espresso that Chipps just made me had barely kicked in. I do need to learn to be more dynamic.. Next time..

  3. Unless your over 6′ 5” or ride really open trails I don’t see the need, especially with a steep head angle. Good luck with the 29er range though!

  4. Plug sales slowing down?

  5. Once again, why do we have to pay to watch an advert (albeit from the guy who made the product, but still)?

  6. Do the nuts on the Alfine rear stick out more than the handlebars on that Duster?

  7. I’ve got to agree with bigrich – I’m in the market for a rigid 29er and was interested in the Charge, but I’ve got to pay to find out about it? No way.

  8. If you watch Top Gear and your interested in cars you are paying for it – Just not at the point of delivery ;] Premier Video isn’t the only thing you get for your money either. Of course you can just look at the free pictures anyway.

  9. If anyone would like to see these extras then the answer is simple, you can subscribe to Singletrack. If you opt for the Digital sub at just £15 then not only will you be able to view these extra features but you will have access to the entire back catalog of digital copies of Singletrack going back ten years. Absolutely no other cycling mag offers as much access to their content for so little.

    If any subscribers to the mag have not yet upgraded their account to premier in order to be able to view this extra content for free then go here to have your account upgraded for free.

  10. I wouldn’t worry about it – he doesn’t say much in the video that isn’t already covered in the original article.

    I think comments should be available to prem users only- that way are least we’d all have to pay before whingeing like F*** about everything posted on the site…
    The free whingeing section could be headed something like ‘Forum’
    oh, hang on….

  12. +1 DenDennis for President. If the rest of you lot don’t like it in here then go ride yer bikes.

  13. I don’t think they are trying to re-invent the 29’r, just a nice addition to the range.

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