Midweek Mini Movies

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Welcome to the best way to waste a Wednesday lunchtime. Down tools and wrap your eyeballs around this cracker from Aaron Larocque. Shot on a wet day in British Columbia, it’s a stylishly shot, moody antidote to all the dust we’ve been coveting lately. Get out and ride through wet roots and puddles…

We’ll leave it up to Italian snapper Marco Toniolo to introduce his new series The Line – “Dennis Switch hasn’t been sleeping well for many days. His life was as good as usual, but he was focusing on something special he has been having in his mind for years now, and from that came his fear and nightmares during the night. The work was only a way to earn some money, nothing more.

Follow the line with Mr. Switch……”

There aren’t any massive big tricks in this BMX one but it’s got style in bucketloads. It’s also got a soundtrack by The Black Keys and a kitten keyboard at the start…

A bit of serious suffering now if you’ve got ten minutes. It’s a clip from ‘A Sunday In Hell’, which tells the tale of riders in the brutal 1976 Paris-Roubaix road race. Bit of crashing and bleeding in there, so probably best to put your lunch down if you’ve got a weak stomach…

We might as well throw in a bit of skiing while we’re at it. The cliff dropping backflip looks especially bonkers on a chest-cam…

Back to mountain bikes with dirt jumper Sam Pilgrim’s first edit of 2011…

Erm, we stumbled across this and it hurt our brains. Fixie tricks? Make your own mind up…

Liam Murphy has made another video for Skyline Cycles – this is the Kona Tanuki, with a Welsh coal mining theme…

We’ll round this week off with some cycle touring again – from Munich to Rome. It manages a nice mix of big views and coffee stops with rain, sweating and suffering…

If you’ve seen anything good then fire it over to use at newsdesk@singletrackworld.com

Comments (18)

    that fixie vid makes me look teh awsumz in comparison. i dont care how much skill etc it takes to ride one, you still look like a massive spod.

    The touring one was great

    WTF! no finish to Paris Roubaix footage…

    Nice to see my local skate/BMX park getting some publicity on here! (3rd vid)

    I remember Dave Hemming doing a stair hop type thing(better than that fixie effort) at the malverns getting out of the hollow before the bombhole in practice, tim gould and co were watching and rolling their eyes.

    Anybody know what the music is from the first vid shoot in BC?

    Loved the second and the last. Following that narrow gauge rail just made me want to get out and practice. The sections down the narrow path were v skillfull. The touring vid was very nicely shot and scored. Again, made me want to ride.

    sunday in hell is an awesome film, if only for the wall paper in the Belgian cafe

    Fixie skills werent so impressive. Chis Akrigg is about 1 zillion times better

    Island winter is easy to watch over and over, very smooth vid

    Wow, fixie skills @ 24 seconds…wheelie, followed by riding with ONE HAND…O.M.G.!!!!!! That’s, like, the best thing EVER!!!!!! 😉

    I like the skid in the intro of the fixie vid. I didn’t know you could do that!!!!!!


    It’s just some hipster tw@t on a overgrown bmx – he’d be better off on a bmx – but they’re not cool enough.

    The first video is the shizzle, it made my izzle drizzle.

    Love The Line, as did my 2-year-old. Could do without the spooky pig-head though!

    Sod the weather, I’m riding in the morning. The line is great

    Found the touring one refreshingly non-rad…..cycling is about getting out there and having new experiences and seeing new places – that vid typefied that in a way that no freeride vid ever could. Nice…..

    oooh wanna do a bike trip

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