Singletrack Issue 63

by singletrackjon 11

It’s that time again! Singletrack Issue 63 is all printed and ready for you to devour with your eyes. Subscribers should be receiving their copies from right about now, the digital PDF issue is now available in the online Mag Archive and a full list of Premier User extras will be up on the website in a matter of hours. If you still haven’t subscribed then you’ll be able to buy it in the shops in the next few days.

Here’s our usual contents and cover to whet your appetite in the meantime.

Somewhere in the world all this is happening right now. Summer in South Africa. Photo by Gary Perkin
..and here's the shop cover.
Whinlatter Forest with just a touch of the white stuff. Photo by Charles Robertson.

9. Editorial

Chipps reckons that everyone needs to try a big bike, and then probably buy a small bike.

10. A Tale of Two Rides

Ben MacDui lets mountain bikers think they’ve conquered it in this summertime adventure.

20. Just say no snow!

Benji and Ed argue the toss between the snow-fans and the snow-humbugs.

28. Blame the Dog

Mike Ferrentino tries unplugging and stepping away for a moment.

30. Interview: Rory Hitchens of U.S.E and Exposure lights.

They’ve been going over 20 years and are still innovating.

39. Bike Test – 140 Bikes

140mm travel machines from Commencal, Marin and Specialized tested.

48. Of Myths and Meat

Winter riding in Greece, where the trails are try and the food is delicious!

58. Access All Areas

Dave Anderson interviews Ian Warby of the CTC on local access issues.

62.Through the Grinder.

Real world product testing through the snowy winter.

72. U-Pod

Riding the Long Mynd and staying in a Pod. Not as bonkers as it sounds.

82. Grouptest: Hardcore Jackets

Winter jackets to put on first thing on a wet morning and take off again when you return home dripping.

90. Subscribe to Singletrack

It’s more fun than you may think.

92. Fitness – Come Race With Us

Top tips if you’re planning on racing a 12 hour or riding 100km this summer.

98. Route Guide – Doethie Valley, Wales

The longest continuous singletrack descent in Wales you say?

111. Outro

We don’t know what those pictures mean either.They’re funny though.

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  1. Yay hey – mine has just come through the door – a stirling job guys. Nice one.

  2. Mine landed this morning. After all the Xmas/snow etc sheninigans it seems like it’s only been a couple of weeks since the last one.

    Which it has, really.

  3. “where the trails are try”- Ooops.

    I’ll purchase mine from the LBS at the weekend. Long Mynd Podding sounds like something for me to do at Easter.

  4. Nice one ScottCheqq, normal service resumed and you still manage to have a dig.

  5. my cat came home from vet hospital today (well, i collected him) AND ST was on the mat. Mondays aren’t usually this nice 🙂

  6. Guess it’s time to chase up issue 62 then …

  7. Nice one, my copy arrived already, shows that delivery issues not controlled by the mag.

    Now come on Chipps, spill the beans, where are your figures as promised for the Torq tests!
    lactate threshold power? anerobic threshold power?
    how quick did you get up that hill- 30mins is whippet quick! etc etc. I’m sure you’ll agree it will all inform the reader’s understanding of your ongoing improving fitness 😀

  8. bigant…

    Still no Issue 62? Contact me at the office and I’ll make sure you’re not without a copy… ‘subs’ being all in order of course!


  9. Top work STW. Got mine in Munich already!

  10. Still no review of the 2011 Orange ST4? DId I dream that I’d read there was going to be a review in the last issue (62)?

    I’ve gone ahead and bought one anyway and think it’s a fantastic bike but always nice to have that confirmed!

  11. Came through the post last week and haven’t had chance to read it yet as I’ve been out riding!

    Waiting on my spangly new subscriber’s tee though……

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