Midweek Mini Movies

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Welcome to this week’s selection of streaming video entertainment. The weather is on the up and the hard days of deep winter are gradually starting to fade.

We’ll start off  with a bit of sunny, dusty riding on the French Riviera. Did I mention how much we’ve been missing dust lately? You can download the full video for nothing at the start of February from www.genepifilm.com.

The bonkers Red Bull Mini Drome event went off last weekend, with fixed gear riders riding hard around a tiny velodrome. Chris Akrigg took part and absolutely crushed the competition to win, quite literally in this round.

Ahh, vicarious bivvying. We find it puts to rest any romantic ideas of sleeping out under the stars until the weather is very, very good. Andy from www.go-where.co.uk is made of tougher stuff than us and thinks nothing of spending his nights in the snow…

Slightly less grim and much more inviting is this video of a frosty Delamere by Danny Piercy. Magic days like this are probably the best time to enjoy British woodland until it’s baked hard. Looks amazing…

Ahh, cross bikes. This looks slightly joyless but the endless sliding on skinny tyres made us smile…

More cross? Nah, we’re quite happy at the moment. Chipps organised the annual Tod Cross and this video from Hannah sums up the vibe slightly. Contains a smidgen of bad language from cobble-frustrated riders…

Bob from Campbell Coaching has been riding some steep trails and has come up with this how-to video if you intend to get your skills in shape for a summer of heavy duty Alpine riding…

Dave Anderson has crossed  over to the dark side of skiing and send us this epic Hike 2 Ride film. Looks amazing…

..and a bit more skiing from the Genepi Films guys. Summer skiing in Nice? Kind of…

Comments (10)

    Ya gotta love that Mini-Drome 🙂

    i like his bunny hop over the fallen rider. class

    urban skiing – superb!

    the freeriding vis was ace.

    Just for being named Genepi films = thumbs up!!

    Thought the Delamere vid was excellent, good music, good riding but totally fantastic filming and editing.

    V nice.

    video is nice to look at, but the cyclocross looks truley hateful.

    not for me thanks!

    coold vids again!

    not normally a fan of big air stuff but this one made me all warm and fuzzy…..>


    It’s like the cyclocross videos were made by some secret anti-cross society… I’d sooner eat my own foot I think

    seriously, in this day and age why would anyone ride cyclox bikes when you could go just as fast on an xc bike?

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