Industry Visit: Stif Cycles and Jungle Products

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Hidden away in a small business park, located near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, just round the back of Stif Cycles is a little warehouse full of things that will turn most mountain bikers a little bit hazy-eyed with desire. Welcome to Jungle Products, importers of Santa Cruz, Niner and Syncros. Hung up around the warehouse like strange, metallic, multi coloured fruit is the fullest range of Santa Cruz and Niner frames available in Britain, or indeed anywhere.

SC V10 Carbon Syndicate replica – 34.7lbs for an extra large frame build…

Being secret downhillers, the first thing that drew our eye was the Santa Cruz V10 Carbon Syndicate replica bike. Built and specced in the same way (save the carbon fibre Edge rims) as the bikes raced by the Santa Cruz Syndicate team riders, it’s got a highly adjustable 8.5 to 10 inches of travel at the rear, a full carbon fibre main frame with adjustable Cane Creek Angleset headset and alloy rear triangle. This one is running the latest Rock Shox Vivid Air shock, which is mooted as the the first fully fade resistant air shock and the only one that can cope with World Cup downhill runs. The weight? 34.7lbs… …for the extra large frame. Madness.

Where’s number one gone?

Of the 100, individually numbered frames being made, Jungle are bringing in 15 of them to the UK – this one is number 2. The build shown here is a wallet thrashing £7,599. If that’s a little steep you can always go for the frame only option, starting at £2,799 with Angleset and RS Vivid Coil rear shock.

Quite pretty. Make that very pretty.

Right, on to stuff for mere mortals to ride on. The 160mm travel SC Nomad Carbon has been out for a short while now. We saw Mark Weir’s tricked out race ready model back in August but we’re looking forward to having a proper ride on one in the same way we look forward to being given cake after a long ride.

The carbon Nomad…

Here’s Dickon himself giving you a run-through on all that’s new for Santa Cruz in 2011…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2011/01/SantaCruz.m4v” height=”360″ width=”640″]

We also had a quick look around Stif Cycle’s new premises while we were in the area. It’s everything a bike shop should be, with lots of shiny stock and a little coffee area across from the till. Ideal for getting customers wired on quadruple ristrettos before showing them the pretty things. There’s plenty of history to be spotted too, including the wooden (early carbon fibre basically) cyclocross rims with a bit of history behind the counter… and this Muddy Fox Courier.

In fact this Muddy Fox Courier has a rather special history – called Blanche, it was bought by Roger Tushingham in 1986. Seeing the potential of a bike like this, he decided along with his business partner, to import his own bikes based on this one, along with the owner of a local windsurfing shop. Called the Tushingham B52, it was later rebranded by Roger’s business partner, a certain Lester Noble, as an Orange – and the Clockwork was born. The windsurfing shop owner was Paul Morphet and the shop called called was Stif – before mountain bikes began to compete with the surf gear for space and eventually forced it out…

Muddy Fox Courier
The wheels that launched a thousand skids…
Some stock gets much harder to shift as time goes by…
If you say so…
Coffee and (jaffa) cake…
Matt and Dickon ponder the meaning of sub 35lb DH bikes…

Comments (21)

    Nice Santa Cruz kit.
    I’m sure I would have wanted that Pace stem a few years back!

    So all that gear is in a warehouse round the back of Stif cycles. Lovely, do you think I’ll get it all in a Long Wheelbase van?


    it wouldn’t be the first time, they got done over lat year i think…

    “Hidden away in a small business park, located near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, just round the back of Stif Cycles”. Yes, well done boys, excellent bit of copy that – will be expecting the break-in story appearing shortly.

    That bike is lighter than my trail bike! Ok it’s 160mm coils f+r but still!

    Does it really take a feature like this for people to link Jungle and Stif? Good grief…

    Ahhhh – I remember the Tushinghams. I wanted the option of U-Brake front and rear. In pink-to-white fade.
    Turning up to Stif for the first time was amazing. That was when it was still about 60% windsurf gear.
    I loved Stif right up until the Heckler dominated.

    I’d love to fill my shop with pimpy kit like all that, but round here? Not a chance. If I did I’d eventually have to rebrand myself as a museum.

    I bet someone from Retrobike will be in for that stem now.

    @Trailrider Jim @chameleon78 Yes, because a criminal would rely on singletrackworld to get that information, rather than looking at Jungle’s website which has their full address on the main page – or maybe using the Yellow Pages if they were old skool crims…?

    I really want one fo those Nomads.

    That Pace stem is fantastic – I’d have it and I’m not even on Retrobike.

    I remember Tusingham bikes being sold in a windsurfing shop in Worthing. However I don’t remember this being Stif cycles

    Stif are Jungle?!

    next you’ll tell me that CRC are Hotlines

    The carbon V10 frame is not bad value really, its only £300 more than a normal one.

    By the way on the website the carbon V10 is £2899, so if the team rep. is £2799 its a great deal.

    I have touched that V10 Carbon Syndicate replica today, and that’s the closest I am going to get to owning one.

    I still wear my Stif ‘Well bastard fast’ T shirt now and then.

    I love that V10 carbon, if i was after a dh bike that would be it without question. but since i’ve only just got my Blur LTc, i’ll have to wait 🙁

    I’ve been in a few times lately spending over a hundred each time and never been offered a cuppa. 🙁
    Oh, to be in with the in crowd.

    I always remember that Stif was the shop that burst my, “I thought the shop would carry stock as per their website” bubble when I went to their Headingly shop years ago and it didn’t. Just boutique bikes and clothes. All dear stuff and trendy dudes/groms.

    I think the new shop does carry everything that’s in stock on the website, they just pop next door to Jungle/mail order storage and get it for you, one of the advantages of the move. They also appear to charge the same price, not one price in the shop and another on the website like other retailers/website mail order stores do. That’s my experience so far.

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