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Here at Singletrack we like taking eager young things with bright futures for work experience placements and slowly crushing their dreams of working in the bike industry, showing them how tedious and demanding the endless cycle of having fun, riding bikes, talking about bikes, looking at shiny things, writing about them and drinking coffee really is. Anyway, our latest work ex-er is Faye, who’s studying at Lancaster University and also runs a website at www.girlmtnbiker.com. We’ve got her to pick a few videos to keep you lot entertained this Monday, so here they are…

“Check out this cool French rider. If there’s one video right now that makes me want to get out and take my bike to the nearest skate-park it’s this one. There’s something about this video that makes me want to get out and play. I love the way you can see how stoked dead-proper-right-chuffed (we don’t use the word stoked in the Singletrack office, none of that American jargon-Sim) the rider is after landing her no-hander, it’s a feeling that’s infectious.

Continuing the French theme a bit, this video ticks off two of your five a day. It makes you want to get away from the computer and ride (Tick 1) and you get to learn random French quotes, which you can regurgitate in the Alps this summer to impress that French bird/bloke you’ve had your eye on (Tick 2).

This takes the concept of riding with your friends to a whole new level, a whole disturbingly 1950’s level… We were kind of hoping to see a bit of drama regarding the puppy in a wheels-splat way, but that’s probably because it’s Monday morning and Monday makes us like that.

I don’t really know what to say about this without mentioning the blatantly obvious gender-stereotyping. Come on ‘Tem’ take Sheila out for a ‘piddle,’ good girl, that’s right.

Need to remember what blue sky looks like? Want inspiration for your back garden? Want to enjoy watching Tammy Donahugh shred it up? Look no further.

Because cyclocross crashes are funny…but not as funny as the 118-esque guys cheering on the crash.

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  1. I like Video three – Especially the girl with the polkadot dress and the gap in her teeth…. Swoon..

  2. Vid 2, yeah, that made me want to leave my computer. 2.20 in, and he’s not even sat on the bike yet!

  3. Bike bungee’s a joke right ?

  4. Bicyclebungee – you’re ‘avin’ a larrff! Alternatively – just go out more and get fitter!

    Not sure that’s something most aussies would be proud of!!

  5. Erm…. “Not sure that’s something most aussies would be proud of!!” – Ooops!!! ;o)

  6. 1,2,5,6 = GREAT stuff! just the right side of the ‘extreme’ red-bull-stylee-back-flip-yawn-regulars that I could never imagine actually getting close to riding!
    i could be wrong but bungee girl has perhaps the most ‘kiwi’ accent known to humanity??

  7. Can’t beat freaks riding road bikes around fields falling off. Excellent stuff.

    How the hell did that many women on a ‘bike’ get to where they wanted to go without a male to show them which way to go?

  8. Please, please tell me I’ve been conned, but the bicycle bungee website seems legit, and is selling the things for £150 😮

  9. “so, how does bicycle bungee work”
    Let me guess, is it something to do with the retractable dog lead attached to the seatpost?

  10. Cool vids. Especially liked 1 and 5 as I get this weird thrill seeing women just being so much better at something than I am.

  11. “i could be wrong but bungee girl has perhaps the most ‘kiwi’ accent known to humanity?”
    You are not wrong. Already the good people of the Nelson NZ tourist office are doubtless rushing to alter their promotional material to put the bicycle bungee right up there with the World of WearableArt, the car museum and the wineries.

  12. Can anyone tell me where to get the silver SPD high heels from? Our lass would be chuffed!

  13. bicyclebungee
    You sure this should not go up on the first of April?
    Looks like a great new way to find new ways to crash or even better give the rider in front a sore ass when you extend it fully and then release.

  14. Like the reply DaveyBoyWonder about the retractable dog lead, its got me thinking… was contemplating getting a retracable dog lead for the dog. (Have refrained from leaving inapropriate language that could describe both females in my life!)

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