Singletrack Subscriber Update

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We’re trying to keep you all up to date with this ongoing issue and here’s the latest news.

Royal Mail still have a large backlog to deal with. While it may seem odd that all your other new mail is getting through fine, the fact is that your subscriber copies are given a much lower priority that most other forms of mail. This means that Royal Mail will deal with the current load and then attempt to clear the older mail that has built up when they can.

Obviously, we’re not very happy with this situation and we know it’s frustrating for everyone who has paid to get a copy of the magazine earlier than anyone else to not have it and then see it out on sale in shops.

Sadly, there is very little we can do about this. We know that many other publishers are having issues with delayed subscriber copies and it seems to be a widespread issue.

We have asked for clarification from Royal Mail as to why this has happened and to when they are likely to have cleared the backlog.

We’re continuing to monitor and act on information we receive and will of course update you when we know more.

One final and rather important point is that we will be more than happy to replace any missing subscriber copies but our problem at the moment is that we don’t know which copies are missing and which are just delayed. We know it’s frustrating but we need to find out what’s happening with those issues before we can send out any replacement copies.

We thank you for your understanding in the meantime…

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By way of apology, here’s some lovely wallpaper from the Sicily feature as a little gift from us to you…

Riding in the lushness of Sicily - Issue 62

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