Singletrack presents: Life Cycles in Leeds

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If you’re dithering over what to do this evening then let us give you a little suggestion. Get yourself to the Hyde Park Picturehouse in Leeds to see Life Cycles, one of the most eagerly anticipated mountain bike films ever. Having taken years to plan and shoot, the beautiful High Definition film gets inside the skin of mountain biking in a way never seen before. We’ve just had a sneaky look at the DVD and you’re in for a treat. Here are all the details you need – tickets are almost sold out, so you’d best get a wriggle on…

Where: Hyde Park Picturehouse, 73 Brudenell Road, Leeds
When: Friday 10th December
Box Office: 0113 275 2045

It’s not just Life Cycles you’ll get to see, as we’ll be treating you to a screening of VAST, the latest European freeride film from Ionate Films, courtesy of Franck at X-treme Video.

The Magic Box of raffle things

You could also win yourself some nice things courtesy of Singletrack magazine and our generous sponsors, with the Singletrack crew on hand to give out some freebies. We’ve also got subscriptions, T-shirts, Life Cycles DVDs and a magic box full of good things (and some booby prizes) that have been donated to help raise money for the Mountain Rescue Service in an extra large raffle.

Here’s a quick taster of what’s in store…

If you can’t make the Leeds date, there are a number of dates left on the tour. Of these, the Penrith one is extra special as this will be the first screening ever of a HD mountain bike film in an IMAX cinema in the UK. This will comprise a double bill of Lifecyles followed by the other big film of the year, Follow Me, from Anthill Films. All the other screenings are of Lifecycles and VAST.

We’ve also got Life Cycles DVDs in the Singletrack Shop now, so you can have your own home cinema experience – or just put your face really close to the telly.

At several of the screenings, Red Bull will be on hand with some great promos on the night, underlining their much appreciated commitment and support to getting mountain bike films on the bike screen throughout the UK.

WALES Revised date – Saturday 11th December 2010 7.45pm Nant y Arian Visitor Centre See for ticket details and information on the pre show night ride / free beer and hot dogs for every rider who comes to the show. (Please note: This date has been changed from the 20th of November in order to secure a drinks licence for the screening – now you’ll be able to enjoy the film with a cold one in your hand!)

EDINBURGH Sunday 12th December 2010 Evening show 8.15pm Filmhouse Cinema, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh 0131 228 2688

INVERNESS Thursday 3rd February 2011 Evening Show Time TBC Eden Court Theatre, Bishops Road, Inverness 01463 234 234

The tour has only been made possible thanks to the generosity and support of the following businesses and people within the bike trade.

Franck, Benjamin and Helena at
Claire and the team at for the London screening
Robbie and Ben and the team at

Trailer for Lifecycles, VAST and Follow Me can be found at:

Comments (19)

    Life Cycles was utter rubbish. Beautifully filmed but up its own arse for most of the film. 45 mins of slow mo action with little riding. VAST on the other hand was one of the best mtb films i’ve seen in ages.

    lovely to look at but the voiceover was really irritating. its more of an exercise in filming which happens to have some bikes in it, than a bike film.


    I thought Vast was not that great actually. But maybe that’s because it was shown after both Danny M’s short and then Lifecycles. The trials bit in Vast was objectively impressive but coming after the Danny film just seemed really quite tame. The colours of Vast compared to the film quality of Lifecycles made it look like it was filmed in the 60’s.

    I thought Lifecycles was different and visually stunning. I did think it lacked a sense of speed, especially in the middle section but I thought the shot of the guy riding through the pollen cloud was one of the most stunning clips of film I’ve ever seen involving a mountain bike.

    Commentary? Well us Brits don’t go for the mushy emotional side of things do we. Stiff upper lip and bury those feelings deep my son! 🙂

    LifeCycles was VAST but for adults. I think my ears were starting to bleed by the end of VAST (though that could have just been the kids on the back row!).

    Visually I thought this film was a masterpiece, the framing and composure is very special. Maybe a little too much slowmo and needed more of a narrative but as a piece of art it is stunning.

    As above, visually I thought lifecycles was great. I also actually enjoyed the slo-mo as it gave you insight into how some tricks are done and how a bike behaves when ridden on the edge. Shame about the annoying voiceover.

    Though VAST was OKish, more for the moiunytain scenery than anythign else. The problem was there wasn’t really that much exciting riding in it. The only guy who seemed to be giving it some was the one who ended up in hospital.

    MacAskill was of course ace.

    All in all a very enjoyable evening though! especially Chips’ comedy throw befor the raffle

    I found the voiceover that came from the guys towards the back of the cinema a lot more annoying that the one on the film. I mean really! Why go to a cinema to talk to your mates?

    Danny Mac’s film was the best of the night for me. Lots of energy and humour. Lifecycles was a bit earnest and would be better letting the images speak for themselves rather than using the voiceover. Well worth a watch though and I’d like to see it again in HD. Vast was funny in a uniquely German way. Good night out.

    Why go to a cinema to talk to your mates?

    Because it was better than the film?

    Thanks for thinking of the rest of us there then. Why did you not leave?

    Ed-O: I think you mean Swiss! Big difference between Swiss and Germans….especially if you’re Swiss!

    “Big difference between Swiss and Germans….especially if you’re Swiss”

    Dont mention the war 😉

    I didn’t say it was us talking, did I? I was waiting for something worth watching to happen… which it did on the train home with the wrecked businessman who was so hammered he couldn’t even speak.

    again.. I ask.. Why didn’t you leave if it was so bad?

    I just got the Life Cycles DVD a few days ago. On the first watching I was just wowed by the artistry of the filming, and barely noticed the riding. Then I watched the extra’s section, and re-watched the movie. The riding came alive at that point.
    I thought the whole experience was very emotive and inspiring.
    Seasons is still the best MTB film ever though!

    Again, I was waiting for something worth watching to happen. How was I meant to know it was going to be rubbish? Luckily Vast partially made up for it.

    You should have printed a warning along the lines of “this film is so far up itself its inside out” or something…

    Enjoyed the evening, prize giving went on forever and a day 🙂 and that Lifecycles film was sooo up it’s own arse was untrue, but the Mcaskill / Vast films were mint.

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