Premier Promo: Three men get lost in a boat. Or is it a RUPP?

by 22

In a special video that we’d normally reserve for Premier Users, we’ve taken our regular Premier Broadcast and mixed it with a healthy slug of propaganda about what Premier offers. This time Benji, Matt and Jon use the GPS files from the Digital Issue 62 to retrace the route around West Yorkshire. It’s just a shame they can’t use the GPS machine, but thankfully old technology wins and they’re saved by the bits of paper they printed out…

If you’d like follow in their footsteps then go to the Mag Archive where you can view or download digital copies of the magazine, GPS files and lots of other good things only available to Premier Users…

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Comments (22)

    Well, that’s 6 minutes of my life I’ll never get back…

    Can we delete both of your comments since you cancel each other out? 🙂

    Don’t you just delete the negative comments anyway 😉

    Looks like some ace riding.

    thought first comment was funny

    First comment is correct a 6 minute video of which 1 1/2 is cycling the rest is in carparks, wow what editing!

    So the gist of it is that if we pay for Premier we get to watch the totally unprepared ramblings of the ST team.

    Count me in ……………….. maybe

    That has made me REALLY miss riding bikes with my mates. Stoopid knee.

    I can only see pdf downloads for routes can anybody point me in the right direction for the gps logs

    its a bit of fun, thanks for that

    mmm smoking and riding, a distant memory of carefree days.

    About as good at directions as you and me D

    grrr… that’s my layby and my trails 😉

    That really is a pointless vid

    next ask before you film my house for the 1st 3 minutes and a bit of class riding up manny wells and i also hope you didnt leave any off the rappers on my moor!!!!

    I’ve gone to Mag Archive on 2010 editions Premier but can’t find any of the GPS Map Files mentioned in the Video…are thet coming soon or am i looking in the wrong place?

    I’ll cope without premier for a while longer I think!

    who would pay for premier to watch these pillocks talk bollocks in a car park!

    complete waist of time!

    Cracking vid ST, Banter, trails, bikes, just like going out with my mates. Gets my vote keep em coming!!!!!.
    Maybe more review content and how it works.
    If you don’t like don’t watch!!!!,

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