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We get a lot of tidbits of news coming in the the office during the week. Yes, some are from Nigerian people, offering $4 million compensation for having our details found on a Nigerian scammer’s computer, but the overwhelming majority are bike related. This is where we’ll do our ‘News In Brief’ bits from the last seven days for your information and entertainment.

Limited edition old school Magura Martas and Durin Raceline kit

The sight of neon yellow Magura brakes will be burnt into the retinas of anyone who lived through the 90s, but now you can relive your Shaun Palmer and John Tomac fantasies and still have bang up to date brakes with the release of these limited edition Marta brakes. Matching Durin Raceline forks are also available but you’ll have to be quick if you want any as they’re strictly limited to just 600 units…

Campaign for chairlift at Innerleithen starts

A new group has formed to pursue the dream of getting a chairlift installed at Innerleithen. The Action on the Innerleithen Mechanical Uplift (AIMup) group want to turn the already popular area into a modern bike park complete with a chairlift to the top. The group, made up of local bikers, businesses and residents of the area, want to apply pressure to the Scottish Borders Council to continue with the plan after the progress of the feasibility study made in 2008 stalled. They aim to develop the current facilities while they make the case for the chairlift. If you’d like to find out more, show your support or get involved, then they have a Facebook group HERE.

Madison become exclusive distributor for White Lightning lubes

White Lightning’s range of ‘clean ride’ lubes, already the number one selling bike lubricant in the US, will be brought into the UK and Ireland exclusively by Madison, who also distribute Shimano and other heavyweight brands. CEO Dominic Langlan said: “White Lightening is devoted to producing innovative new products and Madison is looking forward to bringing these products to the market.” Expect to see the self-cleaning Clean Ride lube and Clean Streak dry degreaser in shops from the end of November.

Trans Oz Bike Ride adds second route due to popular demand

We featured news of this epic new stage race in September, but a ‘Route B’ has been introduced which offers a shorter course with fewer stages for anyone who was intimidated by the full event. The organiser, British explorer Mike Laird, first rode the Trans Oz route solo but decided it was an experience worth sharing “This truly was an experience of a lifetime and I am delighted to be able to open this up to other people with an appetite for adventure.” Route B will also be slightly cheaper to enter but a cash prize of £3,000 will still be up for grabs for first place. For more information or to enter, click HERE.

Unemployed to keep Afan trails looking their best

An army of unemployed people in south Wales is helping to keep mountain bikes on the move along the trails in Afan Forest Park. In a real community effort, jobless men and women are carrying out essential maintenance work on the Forestry Commission Wales bike trails which attract thousands of visitors and bring a much-needed economic boost to the area. It’s hoped their work will equip the team with new skills and help them in their search for a job. Annie Harding, Skills and Training Unit Manager, said, “This is an excellent opportunity for our learners to gain recognised land-based qualifications in a real working environment whilst making a huge contribution to the local community.”

Bike Doctor App launched

Ideal for a budding mechanic (or hamfisted fool), a new app aims to make expensive visits to the bicycle repair man a thing of the past by bringing bike maintenance manuals onto a mobile phone. The app is called Bike Doctor and is available on both the iPhone and Android for a mere £1.79. It features 25 repairs and has simple step by step instructions that cover the most common bicycle problems. If you’d like to know more or seen it in action then take a look at the Bike Doctor App HERE.

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  1. Looks like the guys at Afan are having to resort to the techniques that were involved at the very begining of man made trails in South Wales.

    We used this source of labour a decade ago when first building what is now the Penhydd Trail, and infact the guy on the left is called Phil, and is the same supervisor who was involved back then

  2. good luck to innerleithen, but i doubt very much can happen at that location. i’ll eat my (crash) hat if a chairlift gets built to service the existing downhills.

  3. well done to those people doing volunteer work

  4. I Imagine volunteering -doesn’t have much volunteer to it when someone has threatend you with Unemployment benefit cuts if not..

  5. Loving those Marta Racelines 😀

  6. another trip down memory lane, the get Inners a chairlift campaign too, how many posts does that topic have on Descent-world?

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