Friday Premier Broadcast

by singletrackjon 21

In a new regular feature for all our Premier Users, we’re proud to present the first Premier Broadcast. As well as updating you on what’s happening at Singletrack Towers there’s industry thoughts and gossip, with the staffers having a chat with Cy from Cotic about why XTR is good value and why the shifters that are fitted to your bike are usually the best ones you own, until they crush your soul. We also announce the winner of the Premier Life Cycles ticket comp, have a special bike porn moment and generally make fools of ourselves. Enjoy…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2010/11/PremierPod11-4.m4v” height=”385" width=””640"]

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  1. Nice bit of additional content. Thanks Chaps.

  2. “…a little bit of you dies”.
    I could feel the disappointment of 1000 climbs rush over me. Where’s that 10sp 36 block I’ve been promising myself?

  3. BTW – very nice niner filming. Especially the music choice. Good work!

  4. Cheers guys, Can you get Cy in again to talk about his 29er?
    Sitting about eating quality st talking about groupsets, slurping coffee or whiskey, riding lush bikes, traveling about, the odd bit of writing….I’ll say it again; what a sh** job.

  5. Good work.
    Niner video v. cool

  6. Is that Niner in my size?

  7. Vids won’t play on a HTC desire HD. just a spinning circle.

  8. Has the STW vid player been broken for anyone else since the update? Or is it just me?

  9. Like it. I love getting this extra stuff.

  10. That was quite pleasant, good work.

  11. That was great, well done on the new ideas! Liked that a lot.

  12. Yup, really enjoyed that. Everyone was very good in front of camera, well done :O)

  13. since the site updated, i cant view the videos, just a black screen with audio?

  14. It’s in my size Kelvin, join the queue ;oP

  15. not sure he was saying that XTR is good value, rather that it is good for the company to have a brand that most can’t afford and only racers use – like SRAMs black box stuff

  16. nice. good for first time out, more scripting will lead to less umming and erring and you need a mike or 2 for the interviews

    by the way, Ed Oxley’s long termer IBIS tranny will easily build up into a 20lb singlespeed without needing to resort to rigid forks. I have one already built up if you want to borrow it. you’ll have to come to belgium to pick it up though!

  17. The interview with Cy was very unexpected. He popped by started chatting…. Jon ran to get the camera set up and we didnt want to spoil the flow by mic’ing everyone up 🙂 it really was as natural and unscripted as it looks 🙂

  18. Not having any joy with seeing the video 🙁

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