The Story Of XTR Part Four

by Matt Letch 7

In Episode 4, we follow Shimano XTR from the factory in Japan to it’s first real world test at the prestigious B.C. Bike Race in Canada. Follow pros like Geoff Kabush, Catharine Pendrel and Melanie McQuaid as they successfully put XTR to the test in some of the most challenging conditions in the world.

More importantly it’s Monday morning and I’m sure we could do with something to keep us going till next weekend!

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  1. That was a very convincing argument for 30 gears…hmmm.

  2. i dunno its a good argument for a wide range 10 speed cassette

  3. I’ve obviously slept through episodes 1 to 3. When were they? Linky?

  4. Maybe new XTR is like the Star Wars saga, starts with part 4, then we get parts 1-3 later, with bad dialogue and clunky plots

  5. dual control shifters = jar jar binks?

  6. At last! A race I might stand a chance of winning. I am of course talking about beating the little kids on tiny bikes.

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