Long Termers: Matt’s Santa Cruz Blur LT – Final Report

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Firstly thanks to  Santa Cruz Uk for the loan of the Blur.

It has been 6 months or so with the Blur. A lot of faffing with different set ups. The final version is here…

[stvideo src=”2010/10/Blur_Lt_Finale2.m4v”]

It was ridden quite a lot more than that in its “All Mountain” mode before I made my mind up. But at the end of that period, the impression I had was very similar to the one after the first few rides. The Blur LT, although capable in lots of different guises, for me at least felt a whole lot better with a lowish front end. Surprisingly, I felt like I could “push on” more with the shorter fork and the steeper head angle that went with it. I think the attendant lower BB was more important to the handling and me feeling more “inside” the bike than any headangle changes.

A couple of things that I hadn’t mentioned in previous reports are the pivots and the maintenance. Or lack of. Though the frame comes supplied with a grease gun (and grease) at no point during my time with the bike did I have any need to grease any pivots. They didn’t need it. And none of the pivots came loose either. It’s been an entirely maintainence free experience. Which, if you know me and my skills as a mechanic, is a very good thing!

If you do like your technical stuff there’s loads more info here on stripping and rebuilding the back ends of Blur LTs, Nomads etc.

One thing, if you are shopping for one try before you buy to make sure you get the right size for you. If you get that right you’ll be a happier bike owner.

Overall: For something designed in the USA the Santa Cruz Blur LT has a quintessential “UK all rounder” feel to it. UK trail centres, big days out, thrashing around in the woods – it’s as happy as Larry. It’s not the lightest thing in the world but it always felt plenty strong enough between my legs and coped with some biggish drop offs admirably.


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    zzzzzzz ride it in the vid! Its like a sofa review without the review sat on the ting.

    We did do some headcam footage which was rubbish. Sorry Guys.

    It’s great that you are putting video content on the website but could you use the focus on the camera a bit more? The out of focus-ness gave me a headache…

    Good idea to have a video what about scripting it before hand.

    6 months is hardly long enough to test the bearings even it were to have been ridden as your only bike? I can get twice that from a specialized of all bikes

    Also re: the new style KS remote lever, how do you get on with the lever right up next to the grip? I tried mine clamped up to an ODI lock on grip and couldn’t operate the lever without removing my whole hand from the grip
    So I can operate only removing my thumb from gripping, I’ve ended up putting it inboard of the (already quite inboard) brake lever and shifter as per here:

    Sooo, er.. yeah, errrrrr definitely better with a 140 up front.Soerr…yeah. Oh yeah an it’s got a lever post thing that’s nowt to do wi the bike……So errrrr, yeah

    Sorry too technical and in depth for me.Cheers ;0)

    Blimey, do we pay for this drivel??

    BTW mine’s just had a complete frame rebuild after 2 years thrashing at Woburn. Best way to replace bearings and possibly the cheapest in the long run, is to buy the top and bottom pivots that carry the bearings. These are available with bearings already fitted direct from Jungle – cheaper than buying the bearings and special tools required to fit them. I could go on but a, I’m not paid to do so and b, I’d rather be riding it.

    What’s your excuse Matt???

    Umm. Actually, i don’t think we do pay for this drivel… Web-content’s free, is it not?
    Can’t see what all this fuss is about.

    No I don’t see what all the complaints are about either. Video is a bonus. I’m sure it’s in st’s nature to steadily improve on these things as they go.

    Blurboy – The bearings have a lifetime warranty… It’s your money I guess.

    skids – yes I know and in fairness I did get replacements from Jungle FOC but one was so welded to one of the axles that I ended up needing a new pivot anyway ..which also comes with bearings! I also ended up buying the tools and plan to change the bearings every year as a service item. I think there may be some longer term issues here as I do not believe you can get new axles for example without buying a full replacement kit which I believe also means you have to buy the bearings that come with it! I did think that any long term review might have picked up on these sort of issues and made other riders aware …but I guess you need to ride a bike to wear it out! The LT is quite good on bearings compared with the old Blur Classic where bearings had to be replaced once a year minimum.

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