Fresh Goods Friday

by Matt Letch 27

The office has been like a ghost ship. It’s only the smell of Chipps drying shoes under his desk to remind us he was ever here.

Good news or bad news depending on your perspective, Fresh Goods nudity is to a minimum (well absent) this week. Apologies for this. Normal service will be resumed next week.

First of all some weird powder that we’ve found on the Sim’s desk from Neovite

Neovite Colostrum
Price: £25.00 for 300 grams.

Cheaper than Peruvian imports and better for you. Apparently good for your  immune system, body building, winning the Tour De France… the lot.

Life Venture  Ti Cutlery
Price: £13.49 a set
From: Wiggle

These are for Mark’s AuTIstic home cutlery collection(!) Don’t ask us; he’s also the only person in the world  that  understands what  Apple TV does, so TI home cutlery probably makes complete sense to him.

Oddies Corned Beef pasty
Pricce: 99p
From  From just round the corner

A delicous and nutrious lunch time meal…

Here’s a passing-by-the-office Benjamin modelling a petite little…
Altura Women’s Sirius Plus Jacket
Price: £129.99
From: Zyro

It’s made form their approved-by-Singletrack “React” fabric so should be a right little bobby dazzler of jacket. Benjamin really is in need of a haircut isn’t he? You can’t just let yourself go like that just because you’ve got married. Sort it out!

SixSixOne Recon Helmet
Price: TBC
From: MMA

An all-mountain bike helmet. In-mold shell design. 18 vents. We couldn’t find anyone with a small enough head to properly fit this Small-Medium size. Hence it looks a bit perched. We’ll try and lose some knowledge from our skulls so we can get it to fit properly over the coming few weeks.

Some black-but-colourful T-shirts sent in to us by the chaps at DiamondBack

Hang on, haven’t we had one of these in before…? Is Sim planning yet ANOTHER bike build?!

Cane Creek Angleset Headset
Price: TBC
From: Extra UK

If you have a bike with a 1.5″ headtube this headset offers steeper or slacker adjustments from 0.5 to 1.5 degrees. A self-aligning feature between the bearings and the steerer tube keeps things in line and shipshape. Adjustments: 0.5° +/- or 1.0° +/- or 1.5° +/- or 0° (not quite sure many people choose the latter). We wonder if Cane Creek are ever going to do a similar version for Tapered headtubes…

Ortlieb Messenger Bag
Price: TBC
From: Lyon Equipment

Matt has had the mahoosive version of the Messenger Bag for quite a while now and really loves it. The thing is, because that pack can carry so much stuff so well, he keeps overloading himself. There really is no need to bring two sets of bongos to work. Leave one at the office, one at home. Simple. Anyway, here is the slightly smaller version. It’s like a classic Ortlieb waterproof roll-top bag with some back padding (and air channeling) and a couple of shoulder straps. An excellent bag for commuting for those wise, wise people who have realised just how inappropriate a “proper” courier bags is for riding to the office with (ie. not in a rush consistently making a lot of quick visits in multiple places). The flowers are there just as a talking point.

Ahah! Here’s the reason the lesser-spotted Benjamin swung by the office then. Fresh rubber… He can smell it from 28 miles away. Like a Great (Pasty) White Shark…

Michelin Rock’r Tyres
Price: TBC
From: Michelin

The Rock’r is for “extreme terrain” (which is Michelin-Speak for “normal trails” in our experience). Sizes: 2.1, 2.25, 2.4 and 2.5 (2.25 and 2.5 flavours available in chunky ‘n’ sticky versions). Benji’s intial thoughts: “Michelin’s burlier tyres always have decent knobbly design. These tyres look promising. Hopefully a good filth tyre that isn’t too slappy on tarmac bits. I’d have to take them home for a closer inspection with my microscope, durometer needle and hermetically sealed mud chamber to give you any more thoughts. See ya!”

New Singletrack Jerseys
Price: TBC
From: Singletrack Online Store

Just in time for Summer, here is one of the new Singletrack jerseys (there is actually a long sleeve version in a different colour and design available as well). Most folk in the office seem to gravitate towards this white-with-blue short-sleeve design. It does a nice job of being inoffensive without being dull, colourful without being garish. The hidden zip goes down to just above the navel. The sizing and fit appear to be (shock! horror!) actually quite normal, so whatever T-shirt size you prefer to wear, order that size of jersey. Benji here is modeling a Medium by the way. It was designed by our jersey designing pal, Lee Vickers who used to work at Endura, so he knows a thing or two about jerseys. Other colours will be blue and ‘Evel’. We’ll model those next week.

FSA Gravity SX Pro Headset
Price: £54.95
From: WindWave

Are you ready for the Brave New World of headset standards. No, neither are we really. But it’s a laugh innit? Until you realise you’ve ordered the wrong headset and you’re off to Morzine tomorrow and you’re bike is in bits meaning that you’ll have to hire one of those lead-chariots with plastic tyres, dead brakes and 500lb coil springs so beloved of Euro hire centres. Hey-ho. Here’s a headset for Benji’s new long-term test bike, a Pivot Mach 4. Special thanks to Dan at WindWave for knowing his way around Industry “Standards” and supplying us with the correct headset.

FSA K-Force Lite Chainset
Price: £579.95
From: WindWave

Another part of Benji’s Pivot Mach 4 build. Benji is building up the Mach 4 with a mix of normal/stout stuff and lightweight stuff. His idea is to save weight where it doesn’t affect the bike’s handling or capability. So he’s going for bits like this ultra lightweight carbon chainset from FSA. Hollow carbon arms. The chainrings are CNC machines AL7075 aluminium with Torx T-30 bolts. The idea of going for a few choice bit of uber-light is that he’ll have saved enough weight to enable him to run a few burlyish bits like stiff wide bars and a stout stem without the overall weight of the bike creeping up too high.

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  1. I presume that’s a really very good chainset indeed. But even so is it likely to be twice as good as XTR? Looking forward to it going ‘through the grinder,’ or having a lend for a solo 24.

  2. It’ll be battered to flip for the next few months and I will report back with findings. I imagine almost all of the cost/point of it is its lighter-than-thou weight though! 🙂

  3. erm colustrum so they got that from ladies boobs right

    25quid for 300g, i mean my missus is due to drop any day now, this could be a lucrative sideline to set off the scrapping of child benefit

  4. Colustrum is only produced for a limited period around term time so you are unlikely to be making your fortune this way fella.

    Like the jersey.

  5. I got a 661 recon 2 weeks ago for £50 – fantastic – Great venting, comfy padding mut unlike the Xen (which I broke) not too thick – BARGIN!!

  6. Oh and def up for a jersey when they come out – very smart 🙂

  7. Like the Jersey too!! Hope there’s a large discount for subscribers! :o)
    When they out, how much?

  8. That’s not a pastie. Looks hideous.

  9. yeah but i want to know where they source theirs from then?

  10. Oddies Corned Beef pasty?!? the russian dolls look a the tastier sustenance option

  11. Any ideas on release date for the AngleSet, been trying to find out price etc for ages but with no luck.

  12. Whats the syringe for on the hideously expensive chainset? Sucking the heavy air out of the hollow arms?

  13. That was Claire’s dinner! She’s pregnant you know!

    The jerseys will be in the shop later next week and yes, Premier Subscribers get a good discount. They will be £42 but £36 to Premier peeps 🙂

  14. Dunno what’s more revolting, the pastie or the colostrum.

  15. I used to love Michelin tyres years ago- XCR? green tyres. Whats happened to them?!

  16. Liking the retro roadie look of the Jersey.

  17. Nice pic of the Ortlieb Messenger Bag. But is that the beginnings of a drinks cabinet and what looks like the contents of my bathroom cupboard in the back ground??

  18. Polite request: pretty please could we have a “gnarrr” freeride-stylee top, for girlie curves naturally! I am not a roadie!

    Thank you.

  19. I’ve got one of those Ortlieb Messeger bags. They’re a good size for commuting, taking my laptop, swim kit, work clothes and lunch with no fuss.

  20. See the Angleset there… To change the angle do you have to change the cups or is it just the inserts? I’ve had conflicting info from Cane Creek but if it allows you to change the angles without knocking the cups out and refitting, that’s ace. If it doesn’t, then that’s not ace, it’s just old.

  21. I take issue – that is *not* a pasty.
    Totally the wrong shape, and corned beef???
    Tasty maybe, pasty not!
    from the home of pasties – Devon
    ( historical records show the first was recored in 1500 and summat in Devon, not Cornwall!!!!)
    …..and they over the Tamar have been arguing about it ever since!!!!!

  22. Like the helmet and the jersey. But I agree with CG that a freeride styled jersey would be nice. Will look at the LS one next week. That is not a pasty. It is a slice.

  23. those who knock an oddie’s pasty- have never tried an oddie’s pasty!

  24. It might be lovely, but its not a pasty. Its merely a puff pastry envelope.

  25. I try not to eat Oddies pasties through calorific reasons – But the Pendle Pasty….

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