Interbike 2010: Sock Guy sock monkeys, Knog and Keen

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Here’s a little non-tech respite before we get back to the full-on tech-fest of Interbike. It’s time to look at some socks, shoes and locks… All presented a little differently.

Keen - still the only (current) SPD sandals to have.

That looks like an 'SPD leisure' shoe to us

Keen's SPD shoe. Rubber bumpertastic

The Knog booth had several clever dioramas. Here's 2001 played out with its new shackle lock.

Zombie gravestone padlocks

And an Alien chestburster with Knog light for a fanged mouth.

Returning to normal, oh, maybe not... here's a Pirate of the Sock Guy.

Just one corner of the huge gathering of the bicycle world at Interbike

Another sock-monkey from Sock Guy. They don't make them, but patterns are available if you want to get your great-aunt Doris to make you one out of some old socks.

Sock Guy makes something like 350 stock sock designs, plus custom ones (like our very own Singletrack socks)

Tall socks are very in this year apparently.

And stripes? Stripes are in.

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