Interbike 2010: Jones Bikes, King, Ellsworth and magic RST forks

by Chipps 23

Jones Bikes

Fans of ‘the original bearded framebuilder who lives in a shed in the woods’ will be over the moon to hear that Mr Jeff Jones is to come out with a range of steel frames made in Taiwan to his design, bringing the cost of owning one of his radical bikes right down to earth. If you’re not a fan, you won’t care, but don’t harsh their buzz if you don’t. They might even be ‘stoked’.

Looks like a Jones bike, it is a Jones bike. Only now you can afford it.
The first of the three frame lineup will be the $3800 titanium space frame frame and fork.

Here's the big steel fork. All Jones forks are 135mm spacing and will take a snow tyre, or 29er.

Mudroom anyone?

Now this is going to send Jones fans into rapture. A steel truss fork - with Jones' clever geometry and built-in flex.

Just like the original Ti frame, there's some built-in frame-flex in this 29er spaceframe. Gears or singlespeed - only one size initially (a medium with a 23in TT)

In another good move, you will be able to get Jones' loop bar by Christmas. The ally one weighs less than the Ti one, and costs loads less.US price is $120.
Ever the non-marketeer, Jeff only made these bikes in 'non-photoshoot friendly' black on black. Did we mention the price? Frame and fork will be a not-unreasonable $1500. Expect it to cost more in the UK, but way less than anything from Jones in the past. Jeff is currently working out UK distribution and we'll let you know when he's got it sussed.
Under all of these frame bags is the new Jones regular diamond frame bike and big fork. Prices will start at $750.

Raleigh USA

Not the Raleigh we know. And not the 'normal' UCI World Champ stripes - that's because this model is the Singlespeed Cross World Champs model.

Ellsworth Bikes

Ellsworth has been busy with the badge-making machine. Neat.
The early '90s called to say that they're back. Purple and blue meets flared headtubes in crazy new/old mix

Chris King/Cielo Bikes

A super retro touring machine courtesy of Cielo bikes from Chris King. We assume you can only ride this while helmetless and smoking a Lucky Strike.
The Chris King Griplock system. A retrofit for all 1 1/8th King headsets

OK, it’s ‘We got it wrong’ time. When we ran our original Eurobike Story on Chris King’s new GripLock system, we wrongly assumed that King had never been an Aheadset Licensee – turns out it’s been one all along and just didn’t like the tapered split-ring idea. Now it’s come out with what it reckons is a good version of it and it’ll fit all regular 1 1/8th King threadless headsets ever made.

What better way for Surly to show how its 300lb carrying trailer at work than to make people schlep their friends around the Dirt Demo in 40degree heat.

RST Forks

This is RST's new all-mountain fork. The left side has an adjustable fork progression adjustment, much like the old Manitou SPV system used to work.
And on the right of the fork crown is a Rockshox-style damping gate dial. The best of two worlds?
A 6in fork for your next bike perhaps? RST just has to get over its rather cheap image in the UK and it could go far.
Looks like a piggyback shock, but no. This is a rear air shock with a wirelessly operated lockout from the handlebars.
Unscrew the fork crown to reveal the USB charging port for the fork's wireless damping control.
The control, showing the degree of fork compression, plus the on/off status of the rear shock lockout. Did we mention it's wireless?
No more fishing around for the lockout lever between your knees.
The RST fork - the wireless controller tells the fork how much compression damping to have - all the way up to full lockout.
The prototype thumb lever. Left and right for fork compression, up and down for rear shock lock and unlock. There is a wire - but only to the screen. Early days yet, so expect it to look neater in production.

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  1. how much for Mr Jone’s beard?

  2. So Chris King just happens to have perfected his version of the tapered split ring after all these years, at exactly the same time that the patent runs out? So it’s not a financial decision at all huh Chris? I believe you… thousands wouldn’t.

  3. So are those RST forks aiming at traditional Revelation/F32 territory? Did you get to ride some?

  4. Wireless fork gubbins? Give it a rest.

    New Epiphany looks flippin immense though.

  5. Why would you want wireless compression damping adjustment?

    How much extra faff is that. “I couldn’t ride today as I forgot to charge my forks up?”

  6. Ugh, horrible horrible Ellsworth.

  7. Does anyone know what gear configuration the Jones steel frames are?
    Singlespeed only, either-or, ebb?

  8. Super retro touring/bearded woodman on the one hand, wireless electronics and USB ports on the other.

    Something for everyone today. Or something for 2 people, anyway.

  9. Will the Jones Ti spaceframe only come in 29’er flavour, or will he have 26′ as well??? The joys of being not too tall..

  10. Pretty sure he uses EBBs. The caption says they can run SS or gears and there’s no sign of any other tensioning method.

    For a proper Jones, don’t you have to run 1×5? 🙂

  11. With the short chainstays and big fork offset (no toe overlap issues) ther’s not a downside for smaller riders.

    The limiting factor for short/tall riders is the one size only for the short-term.

  12. medium is small for some of us though!

  13. how much ‘travel’ (or should i say flex) is a Jones frame designed to give you?

    surely it can’t be that much or it would require a bit of damping

  14. Anyone know why CK was a licensee of the Aheadset if he wasn’t using it?

  15. I still don’t understand why someone hasn’t done a wireless control for their helmet lamp.

  16. Ellsworth just going from bad to worse.

  17. SOLD!
    I’ve got to have one of those steel Jones frames… who do I need to speak to?

  18. I might have to get one of those steel diamond jones frames to go with my Ti spaceframe.

    $750 for a frame, fork and EBB unit’s a great price.

  19. That Ellsworth looks a bit unfinished – its like someone got bored once they got to the rear triangle. I’d still like one.

  20. The RST XMO was a good air fork in its day, be interesting to try the new forks

  21. the elsworth is a lot more ugly and looks more hand made than the jones ! The future with the whizzy forks and regression from elsworth, I can see how jonesy makes a living but not elsworth.

  22. re the Jones fork “mudroom anyone” pic – have you a shot of the rear wheel ? Looks a bit tight from side-on

  23. So Ellsworth have run out of ideas then

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