Interbike 2010: Accessories, lights, locks, bars, cameras, colours

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OK, show’s over. Now we can get on with writing about the hundreds of new and exciting products we saw during three days of the indoor part of the show at the Sands Convention Centre, Las Vegas.

Contour HD and GPS

Video helmet camera company Contour has a couple of new helmet/bike cams out. The first is the new Contour HD which, as you’d expect, shoots full HD. The second new model is the Contour GPS. A built in GPS geo-tags your videos. Using Contour’s software (or when you upload them to you’ll get a window beside your video showing where on earth you were when you shot it. The GPS tracks you, so you can see where on the trail, that great view was, or where you were the fastest – but also it means that other users can watch a video and go ‘Wow, let’s go there!’ and actually see where it was filmed. One for the Uber-geeks for sure, but that’s what people seem to be becoming…

There's also a new, more sticky-out on-off switch that's better with gloves - plus a new, locking battery door.

New waterproof mount for the Contour. Surf's up!

We've already brought you a few of the new Salsas, but here's a better picture of the new Fargo in the gentle blast of the show's sodium lights, rather than in the 'pink-vision' of Salsa's pop-up tent in the desert.

Salsa will be offering the monster 135mm fork used on the Mukluk snow bike.

Listen up 29er users - want a better tracking fork? How about this Maxle equipped steel fork from Salsa?

It's called the Cromoto Grande

Wonder where Chipps gets his assorted prescription glasses? Here's a few of the new prescription frames from Smith Optics

Gumwalls are back in, so reckons the UK's Halo Rims.

We always have a look at the Spank booth for a glimpse of the colours of the future.

Ever wondered what Stan of Stan's Notubes looks like? He's on the right.

Max Commencal was walking the show aisles. Commencal is reasonably new to the US, but seems to be doing well.

Kore stems, cranks and bars.

Kore components is a company that seems to be quietly going on with new stuff all the time. Here's its DH stem stem

Kore's new Torsion Bar - in 740mm

Everyone's done cowhide saddles, but we're not sure we've seen a denim finish saddle!

One for the 'crossers - a two-piece Kore crank with cyclocross chainring ratios.

Lupine lighting

Tired of those funny rubber bands that hold your Lupine on? It has come out with a neat double and hinged clamp that'll keep your lights on tight.

It's bright and it's very tiny. This is the Lupine Piko3. 550 Lumens, a tiny battery (pictured) 2.5hrs on full and with a headlamp weight of only 55g.

You know that belt drives are starting to get there when Moulton starts showing bikes with them.


It’s always good to see jolly nice chap Adrian from Pashley at Interbike. The stand is always busy and the UK-made brand seems to go down well over in the US, which is heartening.

The Pashley Guvnor2 - a two speed machine

Pashley managed to persuade Sturmey Archer to start re-making its kick-back two speed, back pedal brake hub.

For someone who wants something over a fixie - this has two speeds and a brake...


Kryptonite has teamed up with Bike Revolution to promote its Pulse ID Tag and website system. The tamper-proof stickers go on your bike and they can be scanned by any new clever phone, which links to the website where your bike is registered. If your bike is stolen, you flag it up and anyone scanning that tag can see what the status of the bike is.

Bike Revolution is free to register and non-profit too.

Kryptonite fancied doing something other than dull black, so it's come out with a range of retrofittable coloured skins for its Mini U-locks, as well as offering locks in many colours.

There's now a 2in longer version of the Kryptonite Mini lock to cope with chunkier street furniture

You can knock Vegas hotels for many things, but it's great seeing people calmly wheeling their bikes through the hotels and into the lifts.

SDG - not just saddle designers, but also fixers of tents with zip ties.

These Ellworth 'representatives' didn't know what the headtube angle on the Moment frame was. How on earth did they get the job?

Now THAT Hanebrink is an electric bike that looks like fun. It also won the E-Bike hillclimb challenge.

Lemond Fitness

There aren’t many ways which you can make a turbo-trainer interesting, but this one from Lemond Fitness is of interest to more people than just the super fit racers warming up before a race. The bike difference is that it replaces your rear wheel by having a rear hub and cassette fitted to it. Your chain drives the unit’s cassette that then drives a fan and flywheel. The advantage? You don’t have to listen to the Vrrr, Vrrr, VRRR! of a knobbly tyre next to your tent as riders warm up at 7am  before an event. That alone makes it worth it in our books.

Here's the fan. Another advantage is your bike stays level and doesn't need chocking up at the front.

Here's the cassette side.

Here's a Black Market Killswitch on the X-Fusion booth. We shot it last year here too - it's a great looking agressive trail/4X bike. 'Agressive trail'? What's wrong with that for a bike genre. It's better than 'Down-country' 🙂
The SKS booth was showing this nifty emergency pump that lives in your handlbars.
Big O-rings stop it rattling.
Smith Optics again with its super-light Piv-Loc system that allows a super-light shield optic to still have different lens options via twist-off arms.

Norco Range

Here’s Norco’s new Range. A 6in do-anything trail bike. It features, among other things, a one-piece rocker, huge flared headtube and a one-piece suspension rocker to keep things stiff. Oh, and a 142 Syntace style axle.

Reckon that front end is chunky enough?
One piece rocker and thru-axle rear for stiffness.


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His riding style is best described as ‘medium, wheels on the ground, trail riding’ though he’s been spotted doing everything from endurance downhill racing to 24 hour cross country racing. He favours mid-travel trail bikes and claims to be wheel-size, gear, brake and tyre agnostic. In fact, his garage spans most bicycle flavours, taking in steel hardtails, carbon trail bikes, even a mountain bike tandem, along with road, touring and gravel/cyclocross bikes.

While he’s happy to chat about bikes all day, his real interest is in the people and places that bikes can introduce you to and he talks as fondly about the trails he’s ridden and riders he’s met as the bikes that took him there.

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    I reckon 2012 for 1.5 to 2.0 inch tapered headtubes. Will be needed for the leverage from 1 metre bars. There I go mixing my unit systems again ……

    And a 29in wheel on the front too? 🙂

    The hot looking girls have given the chap in the red helmet a trouser tent.

    Oh, how good is that Stowaway? It’ll be horrible to use but what a brilliant idea. New lupine mount looks designed to break doesn’t it…

    You forgot to mention that the Norco has a one piece rocker… 🙂

    That one peice rocker also comes with scalloped finger grooves to help you carry the bike using the one piece rocker.
    What a useful addition to that one piece rocker.

    Denim saddle? You’ll be after the Gusset R Series which neatly combines denim and (fake) leopard skin and has been available for about a year now…..

    Blimey it was only the other day I liked the look of a 29er and now I’m admiring the Pashley Guvnor. What’s going on?

    That Pashley is the classiest bike porn I have ever set eyes on.

    That one peice rocker also comes with scalloped finger grooves to help you carry the bike using the one piece rocker.
    What a useful addition to that one piece rocker.

    Isnt that just on the girly Darcy Turenne version?

    Those Ellsworth girls;

    If I had a moment, I’d let them measure my head-tube angle…

    Isn’t that just on the girly Darcy Turenne version?

    Don’t think so. It was on the bikes we had being demo’d at our place, and if you look closely, you’ll see them on that last image above.

    Denim saddles: gusset do one with not only Denim but also leopard fur all in the same saddle.
    Fargo: loving the new colour, looks way faster and sleeker. I ordered one today to add to our demo quiver. Very excited and already planning epic adventures.


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