Eurobike Video: Brant talks Ragley and Nukeproof

by singletrackjon 11

More Premier User video – here’s the infamous Brant Richards of Shedfire giving us a show and tell. The new Ragley bikes have got 44mm ID headsets to take any fork combination known to man, as well as revised tubing which has reduced the need for gusseting and dropped weight. The three finger chainstay bridge is now an investment cast piece rather than the old folded sheet and there’s an all new slightly-less-hardcore frame called the Piglet. Even more exciting are the new Nukeproof frames with the Mega enduro bike and the Scalp downhill frame…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2010/09/EurobikeDemoday3.m4v”]

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  1. Bell end tubing, nice!

  2. now we have to pay to see Ragley advertising?

  3. “now we have to pay to see Ragley advertising?”

    LOL .

  4. Wasnt the premier payment worth just that one video 😉

  5. What’s Sean Lock doing making mountain bikes?

  6. That Scalp looks pretty damn sweet.

    Not sure about the hair though = ;87)

  7. “normal people, people from down south”

    *looks around* There ain’t no normal folk down here. We do steep too, just we don’t go on about it 😉

  8. back end of blue pig = vomit

  9. well I never, Brant actually seems quite personable
    liking that Ragley Mega, seems like a good price too

  10. Wish my bike had “Bell End Tubing”

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