Be A Better Rider: Part 2

by singletrackjon 22

Welcome to part two of our new video series, where we get the great and the good of mountain biking to tell you one simple thing that will improve your riding. From simple setup to skills tips, there are all sorts of ways to improve the way you ride and in turn have more fun and get more satisfaction when you’re out turning the pedals.

In the second episode, we take a trip up to the Yorkshire Dales to see Stu Price of Dales Mountain Biking, who wants you to relax and make the most of your suspension – but not the kind with oil and springs…

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  1. put that saddle down, mr gangly πŸ˜‰

  2. although a complete laugh out loud at the end from all of us here – thanks!

  3. Surley readers of STW know even the most basic of skills about mountain bike riding??

    This is the type of video I’d expect on BikeRadar….

    Is the next video going to be about how to pump up a tyre?

    Or remove a front wheel with quick release…

  4. Nice one, Stu – good stuff (and yeah, a bit of a giggle too!)

  5. Surley readers of STW know even the most basic of skills about mountain bike riding??

    Oh dear I didn’t realize I had to pass a test to use STW.

  6. ha! the cardboard beard is a classic!

    @xiphon – know, yes, most likely. Do? Well… a little reinforcemen of the basics never hurts. Besides, it’s a 2min short sharp and shiny vid; if you want more, go and get some coaching! πŸ™‚

  7. xiphon I would have thought that most people who do trail skills courses have those basic skills but obviously they don’t.

  8. Surely readers of STW know even the most basic of manners about posting messages??

    This is the type of message I’d expect on MBUK….

    Is the next message going to be about how to pump your ego?

    Or how you can remove that quick release from your arse…

    [personally I think these videos are fantastic. Mainly because the skills so far are completely universal for riders of all levels. And they’re funny]

  9. 18 Bikes – pleased that made you guys chuckle, we had a hoot & what do you mean put that saddle down? It was, it just looked like a normal bike instead of the comedy high rider that I normally ride!

    Xiphone – Big assumption but front wheel removal, good idea maybe someone will do that.

    Mountainposture – cheers pleased it got a little chuckle

  10. You can say what you like but I’ve been riding at a reasonable lick for years, and watching that has just shown that I have every one of those bad habits, which I will now make an effort to eradicate. fatc is, after a few years, if you’re doing allright in races, keeping up or beating your mates etc. you just stop thinking about how you ride, and these are timely little nuggets to mull over. All for nowt more than a coupe of minutes whilst eating me sandwich.

    Thanks for sharing Stu. πŸ˜€

  11. front wheel removal –

    now, that I can do, I can even put it back in using a QR as well!!

    however, If STW want to do a vid about putting a rear wheel back in then that would be great – for reasons unknown I’ve always found that a faff….

    Stupid, I know, feel free to point and laugh, I can take it. πŸ˜‰

  12. Dalesbikecentre – not really a big assumption? ST is a niche market mag, and I don’t think complete newbies is their target audience (‘What MTB’ and MBUK spring to mind). Thus, to assume readers of the mag have the most basic skills of mountain biking isn’t too unrealistic?
    It would be similar to opening ‘Performance Ford’ (or another car enthusiast mag), and showing readers how to change a tyre on the road side, after a puncture.

  13. Can’t believe you’re complaining about a free video on a website (pinkbike springs to mind)

  14. Hmm, with regard to skills tips being for complete newbies, I’m not sure that’s true either. I’ve been riding long enough and I’m still learning – in fact it’s *unlearning* some of the stuff I do on a bike that’s proving hardest πŸ™‚

    Each to their own though.

    Anyway, rest assured – Singletrack the paper magazine won’t be doing WMB style how to’s any time soon – or ever πŸ˜‰

  15. STW web content is not just for Singletrack Magazine readers πŸ™‚

  16. Hey Stu, can you remember doing the Timewarp in the middle Kielder forest using petzl headlamps for show spotlights? (18-20yrs ago)

  17. i’ve got a pal who has been riding for about 15 years, and he rides as rigid as a board. not sure of the the implied newbie/bike radar comment. now, if i could just get him to watch this without it insulting him…

  18. Unsponsored

    That’s a blast from the past
    That must be 20 years if not a little more…

    I do remember that now you’ve mentioned it, Duke of Edinburgh’s award Silver or Gold expedition…. Happy Days

  19. It’s not about the beard.

  20. Cheer up xyphon, life’s a gas!!

  21. I have to agree with Brassneck, I now realise that the reason I’ve been seeing the (expensive) physio is that I am not using my own suspension enough..
    And the beard..are they available through the mag..would make a great freebie, much better than those MBUK wallets etc. And you could run a competition for pics of folk wearing them!

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