Eurobike: Ragley, Books, Bombers and the return of X-Lite

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Yep, we’re still going through the Eurobike  coverage. It’ll last us until Chipps heads off to Interbike to see even more new stuff…

First up, some SDG saddles for downhill racing in super wet conditions. Based on its light an strong I-Beam platform, these saddles are inspired by seeing racers ziptieing bits of tyres onto their saddles for grip. Not recommended for extended XC rides though…

Yep, just like you've just glued a bit of tyre to your saddle...
Inspired by the Atari logo perhaps?

Bombers! Don’t worry. They’re Italian, so they’re allowed to get away with the sort of colour clashes the rest of us wouldn’t be able to carry off.

Triple Eight forks with 'Wow' stanchions

And moving across to a different sort of ‘wow’ fork. Here’s a glimpse at some of the catchily named XF11 carbon rigid fork from X-Lite.

In an 'about time' move, here's a 15mm bolt-thru carbon rigid fork. The XF 11 will come in Short 440mm, Long 455mm and 29er 470mm lengths.
We're assuming that X-Lite will have the Fox/Shimano system or some similar 15mm axle retention in there. These forks were fresh out of the paint shop and prototypes, so don't expect any on the shelves next week.
Unicrown and in colours to match your eyes.
X-Lite bars in wide and wide flat.
Seatposts in three sizes and many colours
Nukeproof is another company offering to solve the new many-headset-sizes turmoil of people.
44mm tapered? 1.125in DH? And more.
Ragley bars with a surface layer of Kevlar to ward off all that non-impact damage that isn't good for carbon bars.
Need a freak bar for your next bike? It's probably here. Wide flat, wide dropped and wide moustache.
It's a bog-standard winter road bike - though all the decals are reflective (and it's named after our local monster road climb)
The Ragley QED. As in... 'A white, steel, singlespeed, with Brant's reputation?' Meant for 100-120mm forks.
If you don't immediately love the decals, then it's possible that you didn't grow up in the UK on a diet of sweets and crisps.
The Ragley Bagger 288. A 160mm forked hardtail that you can probably run a 180mm fork on if you're that keen.
Giro's doing it. Now Fizik are making shoes. Road only (at the moment) made in Italy from kangeroo hide for supple strength. And very, very expensive.
If you didn't fancy the Brooks 'leather biscuit' grips, how about these with a gentle wrap of Brooks' leather bar tape over an aluminium core?
High fashion leather saddles from those Brooks people.
Now this Vans/Brooks collaboration is one of the smartest we've seen. We like!

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    Which person from STW lives at Cragg? Keep seeing your ven up there when i go to my parents place?

    and do we have a date on the forks yet 😉

    can i pre-order or are they further away than that – the black n white pair are growing on me ….

    i might put a black brooks on and have me a nice pink set 😀

    Cragg Vale is where we all have our Summer dachas and we retreat there to the cool of the hills to escape the relentless heat of the valley…

    I do immediately love the Refreshers decals. But those bent seatstays are ug-ly.

    That Brooks saddle is fantastic, although I image it’s reet expensive.

    I live there Mos. ;] Chipps Dachas – is further down in the shade… You know to escape the Heat….

    is the x-lite stuff made in the uk or far east?

    i like to buy local where possible!

    I love the oompa loompa colour 888’s.

    Any idea (roughly) on price for the ragley SS? Similar to blue pig?

    I’m loving the Ragley bikes especially the Bagger 288…and I for one love the seat stay arrangement. So there.

    “Any idea (roughly) on price for the ragley SS? Similar to blue pig?”

    I realised the other day that we don’t actually need the 3 Finger Bridge thing on the QED, so if we drop that, and it all works fine, then we can drop the price a bit. CNC’d dropouts and disc brake make it a bit more than the Blue Pig currently, but I hope to get it in close to £300 frame only.

    Love the refreshers decals, genius Brant!

    Refreshers logo is genius. Chapeau.

    The Ragley SS looks mint, err refreshers!

    I think refreshing is the word you’re looking for buzz!

    x-lite were always on my bikes 10 years ago nice to have some upto date kit ..lovely

    i venture upto studley for my cool downs .always cool up there

    want the brooks/vans sneakers…

    I don’t get the new Brooks stuff to be honest, apart from the saddle, that looks very nice indeed.

    Damn you Brant, I’d just started designing a “Paul Smith”/”BMW art car” stripey-style sticker and now I’ve seen your Refresher’s design! Looks good. Liking the look of the new Ragley stuff.

    Mike – cheers. Paul Smith stripes are different though, would look cool. 14 colour print is expensive though 🙂

    Paul Smith rather likes barber shop pole style seatposts. Not relevant, but something to ponder on.

    Seat-tubes not seatposts.

    When are the Luxy bars available please?

    are carbon bars with a kevlar coating still lighter than aluminium? i imagine you need more than a few microns thickness for it to offer much impact protection

    Luxy bars – in any day now.

    There are two layers of Kevlar, and the bars weigh a bit under 200g.

    Loving the refreshers s/s 😀 – let’s hope Ragley will start to embrace the tinier rider, eh?

    like the long flat bars from ragley and x lite

    Love the look of the kevlar wrapped Ragley bars – any chance of a matching seatpost?

    Mercian do Paul Smith stripes

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