New 12 Hour Race For South East

by Chipps 6

A quick plug from our pals down in Kent at Bedgebury Forest (near Chipps’ childhood home…)
Now you London-types don’t need to travel all the way up to the Frozen NorthTM in order to get some night racing action…

Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club is Proud to announce “Insomnia” a new 12 hour endurance night race in the South East of England.

Following a trial with limited numbers last year, the largest MTB Club in the South East has teamed up with The British Heart Foundation to offer a competitive challenge whilst raising money for a very worthwhile cause.

On the 18th and 19th of September, up to 500 riders will race through the night on a 8km circuit which takes in some of the best bits of the Bedgebury singletrack as well as some more secret parts of the forest.

The race is fully supported with electronic timing, light charging facilities, camping, catering and a fully marshalled course.

To enter please go to:

Comments (6)

  1. Ah man, I’m on Holiday then! Maybe next year!?

  2. How come there not using a full circuit?? 8k seems short!

  3. Doh!

    Ermm, we are. Should be 8 MILES…



  4. If you are on Holiday the Marin Dusk til Dawn event is on October 2/3rd in Thetford Forest, the original 12 hr night race and sponsored by Singltrackworld.

  5. Boris – you sure?

    It won’t be the full circuit if it is the same route as last year, but will be some of the better bits plus a few relatively rarely used bits. Not going north of Park Lane. A fun event last year. Certainly 8 miles not 8 km though I suspect.

    Reminds be – time to get the Bedgebury fat slags team entry sorted.

  6. Well, I’m really looking forward to it all the same! Bring it on!

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