Singletrack Classic Weekender Results

by Tom dB 4

This just about sums up the Singletrack Classic Weekender.

Singletrack’s Classic Weekender is over and we’re still picking grit out of our eye balls and applying after-sun to our noses. There’ll be a full report with loads of photos along shortly but for now here’s the results, cos we know you all love stats.

Click here for the full Weekender results.

We’ll have an expanded Gallery of pictures up here later in the week. But in the meantime, here are a few of our favourite moments from the Weekender…

Trail builder, downhill course designer, second place XC finisher and all round good-egg Rowan Sorrell shows he's a master of the trackstand too.

The Quarry on Saturday night. Plenty of room for more folk next year if you fancy it.
Jo 'Competitive' Kennedy checks out some of the many lines on the hard-but-fair downhill course

With usual bonkers indecision, the Weekender had everything from sunburning sun to wind-whipped sandstorms, with a break-down heavy shower to round it all up.
The bonfire is an essential part of the Weekender and this year's was eyebrow-singeingly hot.

The front rows of the XC race field were suitably un-racery. Scruffy even...

You had to go a few rows back to get to the first pair of (men's) shaved legs...

Even the XC course had some high-speed downhill moves in it.

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  1. 13th again, same as last year! and that’s including a bobbins DH time due to a getting a flat and starting 4 mins back, grrrrr.

  2. Last link on results page is for 2009.

  3. Sorrell should have been blindfolded for the DH run, we would have found out just how well he knew his own course then, hehehe

  4. Which I’d been there

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