2011 DT Swiss Preview

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The good people over at DT Swiss have sent us a look at some brand new 2011 wheelsets as well as a quick recap of their current fork range before the Eurobike trade show at the start of September. Unchanged for 2011 but still of interest to serious XC racers and general weight weenies is the XRC 100 fork with a sub 1,170g weight using a carbon crown and steerer as well as carbon lowers. The EXM 150 fork is also unchanged for 2011 but comes in at a rather lightweight at 1,645g – not quite as light as the identically travelled Rock Shox XX World Cup Revelations at 1,489g though. Anyway, here’s the release in full:

EXM 150 fork

Extremely stiff and light trail / enduro fork featuring a blow-off valve lockout for climbing and 150 mm of travel at 1645g!

One of the many options will match your ride exactly: EXM 150 forks are available with black or white lowers, 1 1/8“ or tapered steerers as well as 9 or 15mm dropouts.

Uppers: 32 mm Aluminium

Lowers: Two piece Torsion Box Magnesium design featuring Hollow Arch Postmount disc brakemounts

Damping: Launch Control II, open oil bath, externally adjustable and lockable low speed rebound with adjustable release threshold, externally adjustable low speed compression, internal high speed compression

Spring: ABS air spring

XRC 100 Race fork

The ultimate XC race fork offers three ride settings: Fully open, lowered or locked. With 100mm of travel and a full carbon steerer/crown unit, this fork weighs in at less than 1170g!

Crown/steerer: 1 1/8“ high-modulus UD – Carbon, internal rib reinforcements

Uppers: 28.6 mm aluminium

Lowers: High modulus UD – Carbon, 9 mm dropouts, Postmount disc brakemounts

Damping: Twin Shot damping, featuring three ride settings: open, lowered or locked out, available with or without remote control lever, externally adjustable low speed rebound and compression, internal high speed rebound and compression

Spring: ABS air spring

TRICON M 1700 wheelset

The tested and award winning TRICON XM 1550 wheel set’s little sibling.

For the upcoming season, DT Swiss expands its TRICON wheel offering with the TRICON M 1700. Using a different hub design, it utilizes all the standout features of the more exclusive TRICON XM 1550 giving you a star ratchet cross mountain wheel set weighing in at 1700 g while rolling on 26 mm wide rims.

Front wheel: 5/100 mm QR (incl. RWS MTB steel) 15/100mm TA

Rear wheel: 5/135 mm QR (incl. RWS MTB steel) 12/142mm TA

Hub: TRICON, Star Ratchet system, 24 hole, center lock (incl. 6-bolt adaptor) 26 mm aluminium, 24 hole, tubeless, incl. tubeless valve

Rim Color: Aluminium gray

XR 1450 wheelset

The XC classic comes gets new, white and gray decals and new graphics. Based on high end hub and rim technology, this is the wheel for the dedicated XC racer looking for a high-end aluminium wheel set at a reasonable price.

Front wheel: 5/100 mm QR (incl. RWS MTB steel) 15/100mm TA

Rear wheel: 5/135 mm QR (incl. RWS MTB steel) 10/135 mm TB (incl. RWS thru bolt) 12/142mm TA

Hub: Star Ratchet system, 28 hole, center lock (incl. 6-bolt adaptor)

Rim: 24 mm aluminium, 28 hole

Color: White, gray decals

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  1. i like the forks but the wheels seem expensive when you gan get something comparable from just riding allong for about £500

  2. i bet those XRC forks with 28.6mm stantions are flex tastic. reminiscent of the old sids!

  3. Where are you getting the prices from? Although if they make 500 quid seem cheap then I think they’re in my ‘if you have to ask’ category 😉

  4. Haven’t the 2010 products been available for about 6 weeks? Way to develop a new range.

  5. I have a set of the EXM 130 QR15 (magnesium), bloody amazing fork, feel great look even better and no more expensive that equivalent Fox fork.

  6. the dt swiss forks are nothing like of old.very little flex .in fact my 15mm fox rlc flex more .

  7. They look lovely, but the cost of DT suspension kit is verging on the hysterical.

    I love the fact that they can take a British designed fork, manufacture it in a largely automated plant and then sell it for £900 instead of the £539 it’s identical shed built predecessor retailed for in 2005.

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