Mountain Mayhem: Follow Me (to the beer tent)

by singletrackjon 17

Mountain Mayhem 2010It’s only two days away! This weekend will see the return of the long running and much loved Mountain Mayhem 24 hour endurance race to Eastnor Castle in the Malverns, sponsored once again by Original Source.

Singletrack are going to be there in force – we’ve got a team entered and we’ll have our stand in the arena with plenty of goodies on sale including half price subscriptions so come on over and have a chat.

follow meEven better, on the Friday night at around 10pm we’ll be having a showing of Follow Me, the new production from Anthill Films. It’s all about riding bikes with your friends so it’s ideal viewing to get you into a weekend of bikes, banter and racing. We’ll be showing it on a large screen in our marquee, so get yourself there and get ‘stoked’ to do some riding.

If you’re already a subscriber we’ve got an even better treat for you – we’ve teamed up with quality brewer Fullers to give anyone presenting us with their Singletrack Premier Subscriber card a free bottle of their rather tasty Discovery Ale.

Fullers Beer
Lovely, lovely beer.

It even looks like the weather might stay sunny, so there’s even more reason to head over. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there but don’t forget your Subscriber card – no card means no beer, which means unhappy faces.

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  1. Marvellous…free beer!

    Anyone know where I put my subscriber card?

  2. *looks frantically in wallet for subs card he thought he’d never need*

    Success! Brilliant – I was going to miss Follow me screening next week in brighton as I’m on holiday. Now, where better to watch it??

    free beer to boot!

  3. what happens if i don’t have a card?

    I am a subscriber BTW

  4. hmmm, I’m not going, though as a digital subscriber should I have a card for this sort of thing???

  5. whahey!!!

    I’ve got my card I’ll see you Friday evening.

    Can I have a half price sub for 2011?????

  6. Booo, I don’t think I kept my card as I didn’t think I’d need it ever… :'(

  7. No card.. No beer. Sorry.
    Digital subscribers get cards too. if you are a subscriber but don’t have a card.

  8. hmm bugger where’s that card gone?

  9. They gave me a free beer at Fort Wiliam without a card.

    I had to answer some hard questions though.

    Cheers STW dudes, very refreshing blonde beer IIRC.

  10. so, when i sign up for my subscription (join last year at mayhem) do i get free beer too?

  11. That would make you a verified subscriber, so yes! 🙂

  12. Well it must be MM weekend, it’s just started peeing down here in Stoke. Amazing, it was baking hot and blue sky yesterday. Is the rain anything to do with the days reaching their peak length? Seems strange, out of 12 how many have there been with a totally rain free weekend?

    Just strange is all.

  13. Nice one Mark

    Btw it’s stopped raining now, gonna be a lovely day, I predict sun will be out by start time or I’ll give the beer back!

  14. cheers for the beer guys (and the film)

    had a great weekend, bit buggered now though

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