Long Termers: Matt’s Santa Cruz Blur LT

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Sorry for the delay with updates. Moving house, bikes always being in the place you’re not, and also having the silly fun Transition Bottlerocket to play on, meant the Blur has been (unfairly) left to its own devices a bit of late.

Not anymore. Since moving “up the hill” with the potential of fabulous rides to work off road and also being frankly tired of bikes that only really work when gravity is on their side, the Blur is back in favour!

Quite a few changes since the inital setup: mostly cockpit. Renthal 50mm DH Stem which is pretty unique in design (a full review in the magazine soon). My favourite RaceFace Atlas bars cut down to a “wimpish” 750mm width and an SDG I-Beam saddle and seatpost.

I’m also currently running Manitou Elite Absolute 140mm forks after blowing up the RockShox Revelations (this was my fault I think, after not reading instructions and having massive air pressure in one chamber and bugger all in the other).

The wheels. I think my wheel obsession has finally bit back. No new wheels built yet; the combined sum of parts seems to have stuffed me with too many options and shopping lists. But I will persevere!

The Blur LT is a lovely thing to ride anyway; it seems to balance efficiency with grins perfectly. The only thing I’m not absolutely sure about is the new Boost Valve-d Fox RP23 rear shock. Generally I have my ProPedal set to “11” and the Boost Valve kind of gets rid of it. Yes it feels much plusher but it doesn’t have that tautness that the old shock had. But then it’s horses for courses – some people like a very obvious suspension ride and some people don’t. Once your sag is set, the setup is up to you.

Overall I’m looking forward to many more miles. Maybe a longer stem. And some really trick tubeless wheels. But what tyres do I get?

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