Trek & Cotic Demo in the Dales

by Ben Haworth 7

Cotic Trek Demo Dales Bike CentreThe good folks at Dales Bike Centre are having a Trek full suspension, Cotic and Magura Demo weekend on the 17th & 18th April.

There will be three guided rides each day taking in a great range of trails from the door.

Trek, who will be there on both days, will have over 20 full suspension bikes – Top Fuel, Fuel Ex, Remedy and Scratch.

Cotic who can only make the Sunday will have Magura equipped Soul, BFe and Hemlocks lined up to ride. This is the only opportunity to ride a Cotic mountain bike at a demo event in the North East of England and Yorkshire this year.

Cotic’s Cy Turner: “The Dales is an amazing place to ride your bike, and it’s great to be teaming up with Dales Bike Centre to let people try out our bikes in their natural environment, and hopefully push them towards an informed decision about buying a bike.”

Stu Price from Dales Bike Centre: “We are really pleased to be bringing Trek and Cotic mountain bikes to the Dale, We’ve been riding Trek and Cotic here in Swaledale for years and are keen for riders to demo the bikes on the trails they want to ride them on”.

There is no cost for the demo rides and for information or to book a demo ride contact Dales Bike Centre on 01748 884908 or take a look at their website for more details

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  1. It’ll get updated in a minute, but currently the Dales page is showing a large Hemlock being on demo. I switched on them over the weekend, so it’s my fault. It will actually be a medium, so that’s 1 x medium and 1 x small Hemlocks. I’ll probably be bringing my large if I’ve got space, but it’s got the K9 -2deg cups in it still so it’s not hugely representative of the conventional set up in terms of handling, but you’ll get an idea of fit if you want to have a quick spin.

  2. Demo bike list now updated – full listing of Cotic and Trek bikes available over te weekend

    Cy – I wouldn’t mind a little go of that large Hemlock if you bring it.


  3. We’re sending Dan to look after the demo bikes for the weekend, please try not to knock him off his bike as you overtake him downhill. Oh and don’t worry about getting them dirty – He just loves cleaning bikes with Stus environmentally friendly bike wash.

  4. Stu – Sure, if it’s in, it’s yours. I suppose I’ll just have to ride your pimped up Soul.

    TrekSimon – Bike wash you say? 😉

  5. Cy, have you got any other demo days lined up?

  6. Only other one so far will be at Keswick Mountain Festival on 22/23 May. We’ll almost certainly set something up fairly local in June/July too (local being Sheffield/Peak), but nothing’s sorted so far.

  7. More the merrier Cy, just make sure you don’t feed him beer or Brendas cake.

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