SRAM XO Gallery

by Chipps 6

There are so many colour combos, and nice photos for new XO and X9 that we thought you’d like to see them all (and shot better than we can manage here…)

Click the pics to start and then click the left or right edge of the pic to move forward and back in the gallery.

Comments (6)

  1. Aye – enough of the brash tat. 😉

    Where’s the XTR stuff (esp the brakes……)?

  2. But SRAM don’t make XTR 😉

  3. Any news on 10 speed GripShift yet?

  4. Not a chance I will be parting with my hard earn for that ugly stuff, maybe if they bring back the carbon and anoidsing i will change my mind.

    Wonder if 2010 XO will come down in price?

  5. I’m liking the new look a lot, I’ll be putting it on my wishlist.

  6. What do I need to do to see these “clicky to make biggy” pictures??? 🙁

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