Sea Otter: More Yeti 29er, MRP and Turner Bikes’ cyclocross bike

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It’s been a while, what with planes, volcanoes and the Dalby World Cup, but here continues the first of many remaining reports from the big season-opener…

First up, David Turner has been busy – in between tweaking his downhill/freeride designs, he’s had time to design a new cyclocross bike. It’s still in prototype form (expect to see those pointy tubes rounded-off in production. Anyway, without further ado…

The things you do when you're bored of doing 8in bikes

No chainstay bridge = correct

Flared downtube, one set of bottle bosses.

Production bikes will feature the new 44mm headset 'standard'

No disc mounts here. Proper canti mounts.

David's running his as a 1x10, but he admits that some riders might want a front mech.

MRP G2 SL (superlight) chain device, includes a guide and a roller and has a bash guard rather than a ring-guard for weight.


MRP is also making this Brian Lopes signature device.

MRP camber two-piece cranks. Designed for chain devices.

The Yeti Big Top that we brought you before the Sea Otter, now in more detail.

Here it is in all its new paint-job glory.

Thermoplastic back end with alloy dropouts bonded on.

Rather complicated back end there...

Different dropouts are available - this is the singlespeed guise.

ISCG mounts and one set of bottle bosses.

Bolt-on tab for bolt-on front mechs.

The new Yeti team DH bike - probably what you'll be able to buy in 2011...

Where's the rail? There's one there under the shock spring.

OK suspension buffs, get your axle curves plotted.

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